Juicing Craze Amps Up On Main Line

Pangaea Earth Foods' cold-pressed juices are now available at Georges Perrier’s Art of Bread in Narberth

Juicing fans on the Main Line now have another spot where they can “drink” wholesome foods by the glassful (skip munching on collard greens and beets? Yes please!). Pangaea Earth Foods recently started selling their cold-pressed juices at Georges Perrier’s Art of Bread in Narberth every Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Two sisters, Jennifer and Erika Ianoale, started Pangaea last year by selling their homemade juices at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, where Erika works as a licensed aesthetician. “It’s been a big hit in Rittenhouse so now we’re trying to branch out to the suburbs,” says Jennifer, who is a health and wellness life coach.

Pangaea’s juices don’t have sugar or sodium; they’re 100 percent juice and nothing else. Each 12-ounce bottle is packed with raw fruits, veggies and spices. The tiny specks of pulp in Pangaea juices include healthy fiber, which helps to give a full and satisfied feeling. Bonus: Anyone can drink them. The product is raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free so they’re a fit with most dietary restrictions.

I ventured over to Georges Perrier’s new bakery, Art of Bread, in Narberth last week to see for myself what all the hype is about. Jennifer was there promoting their new line of juices and offered me a taste test of the five featured juices available that day. (Her two favorites are Pear Love and Glow.) Pear Love, with its hint of mint, tasted like the perfect, refreshing summer drink. Clocking in at only 130 calories per bottle, Glow is packed with Vitamin A.