Philly’s Best Commuter Bikes

Wear dresses? Carry too many bags? Don't have the cash? Your last excuse for not biking to work is about to be busted

The Globe Daily Step Thru (pictured) makes it easy for skirt-loving gals to bike to work.

Rising gas prices, never-ending Septa delays, and a need to escape from the icy, over-chilled world of air conditioned buildings in this city have us contemplating a new commute to work. It involves two wheels, burns calories, creates its own natural, cooling breeze, and, if you haven’t guessed it yet, requires a bicycle. It’s been questions about said bike that have kept us stuck in our current gas-guzzling routines: “What type of bike should I buy?” “How can I wear a dress and not show my underwear to the world?” “What about my bags, my purse, my office-approved shoes?” “What about the cash?”

So, we decided to talk to the pros. We called area bike shops to find out the best commuter bikes for beginners, women, business types, and more. Check out the slideshow below to find the very best cycle for you.  — Kelly O’Shea