A New, Healthy Lunch Spot to Try

What I thought of my first visit to 21st Street's Pure Fare

The chopped kale salad from 21st Street's Pure Fare.

I had a chance to pop over to Pure Fare, the healthy breakfast-and-lunch spot that opened a few weeks ago near 21st and Walnut Streets, for lunch yesterday. Pure Fare’s menu is based around local, organic ingredients, and all of the menu items are under 500 calories. You can also add up your daily calories with their online food tracker, My Fare. Most of the food is prepared ahead of time, so it makes it easy to grab-and-go. If you’re looking to sit, there’s also a nice, long community table. (Meal Ticket posted some great photos if you want to get a feel for the space.)

I tried the chopped kale salad (383 calories) and the asparagus soup (98 calories), and took a rare break from the office to sit outside in the sun and enjoy it. The salad was very good, but it had a little too much cheese for my liking. I love kale and would have liked to have tasted it a bit more. The soup was good, too, although a bit watery. All in all, it’s a great addition to Philly’s lunch scene. I will definitely stop back to try more off the menu.