Combat-Ready Lip Balm

Fix chapped lips fast

One of the fun perks about being a health and fitness editor is getting unexpected packages in the mail. Sometimes it’s a bust—dog food. That was a good one—and sometimes it’s great, like today. Skincando sent me its Combat-Ready Lip Balm, and my pathetically chapped lips couldn’t be happier. The Combat-Ready line, which boasts organic ingredients and high praises from U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan for its impressive healing properties, is now being sold locally at JuJu Salon & Organics.

Of course, before slicking it on, I checked the ingredients to make sure it didn’t contain water. (Water, as we learned from one of our Top Docs, is often an ingredient in lip balms and lotions but it only dries your lips out even more.) It didn’t—in fact, the first ingredient is beeswax—so I slid some onto my smackers. It was cool and tingly, and felt great.

The line also has a skin balm, which supposedly does everything from heal sandpapery hands to soothe sunburn and bug bites.

JuJu Salon & Organics, 713 South 4th Street, 215-238-6080.

now being sold at JuJu Salon & Organics.