VIDEO: Shape Up With Suspension Training

Local fitness guru Gavin McKay on why these super-sculpting bands should be part of your workout

Suspension trainers are one of the newest and most useful fitness tools to hit the market. There are so many words to describe them: simple, functional, effective, portable, powerful, and adjustable to all fitness levels. The tool is essentially one long strap with handles on each end that is anchored at the middle on something above your head to allow you to lean, lift, push, crunch, and rotate your way to a strong, ripped up body. This video will give you all the basics plus a 10 exercise routine to hit your entire body, wherever you are—the bands are super-portable—in 30 minutes or less.

Almost everyone is getting into the suspension game these days, from pro athletes doing power training to older adults working on stability and endurance. Suspension training uses your own body weight as resistance and allows you to change that resistance with just a few small steps, making workouts fast and effective. Most movements require core, shoulder, and leg stability and recruit lots of large and small muscles, which makes it an awesome tool for …

… Building a foundation of fitness
… Preventing injuries
… Increasing your overall strength
… Burning calories

Suspension training is quite challenging to many people at first, because it requires a lot of balance, coordination, and a totally different technique. Often times your arms or legs are suspended off the ground at various angles, leading several clients to dub it “Cirque de Soliel Training.” The easiest way is to start by trying each movement in the video for 30 seconds or 8-10 reps, moving slow and steady until you are ready to either add more time/reps or speed. At Fusion Cross-training we have been incorporating suspension training for three years now, so come by either studio if you’re interested in really learning how to transform your body with suspension training.

Gavin McKay is the owner and creator of Fusion Cross-training with locations in Center City, Philadelphia and Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. He’ll be sharing his fitness tips and advice weekly on Be Well Philly. Read more about Gavin and his role at Be Well Philly here.