Philly’s Best Ped-Saving Products

Got a case of “fitness foot?” We asked Philly’s beauty pros for the products that’ll give those overworked feet some oh-so-needed TLC

After training for Broad Street for the past 9 weeks, I cannot tell you how terrible the bottoms of my feet look. These babies have endured blisters, bumps, and are working on calluses so tough that I imagine firewalkers would have a hard time competing with them. So, in a complete SOS for my tootsies, we called some of Philly’s top beauty pros and asked for their very best defense against the dreaded “fitness foot”—aka, those tough, cracked soles that you’re slightly ashamed to slip into sandals.

Run on, Philly. Just keep a few of these ped-saving products around the house and show those two wonderful appendages how much we appreciate them (regularly, please).

— Research by Lana Morelli