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Tre Johnson

City Life

Phillies Fever Shows Just How Thirsty This City Was for Joy

I wasn’t even following baseball, but I love how happy the World Series run has made my fellow Philadelphians. How can we make the feeling last?

odunde festival
City Life

When Everything Shut Down, Philly’s Black Community Found New, Revolutionary Ways to Convene

When Odunde and the Roots Picnic were postponed, there came a wave of reimagination that, characteristic of our American experience, took the bad and made something new and good.

City Life

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

After a long, unprecedented year, Philadelphia is still standing. We asked these powerful voices to reflect on how their favorite places in the city evolved and endured.

City Life

On Birth of a Nation and Luke Cage

Johnson: We still haven’t fully addressed where we are as a country.

City Life

How Beyonce Made Football a Protest Space

Johnson: And why her show tonight at the Linc will feel different as a result.

City Life

Monday-Morning Quarterbacking Colin Kaepernick’s Protest

Johnson: Debate always revolves around the “how” of the protest, never the “why.”

Things to Do

What Frank Ocean’s Blond Says About Living — and Loving — in the City

Johnson: The follow-up to Channel Orange is all about walls.

City Life

What Simone Manuel’s Gold Medal Comments Say About Race in America

Johnson: There’s no compartmentalizing your experience when you’re so intimately familiar with injustice.

City Life

The Two Big Ironies in David Clarke’s RNC Speech

Johnson: And why his quoting of MLK is especially — and grotesquely — off base.

City Life

What Hillary and the New Ghostbusters Have in Common

Johnson: Like the presumptive Democratic nominee, the much-anticipated remake is fighting 30 years of legacy, and a public that can’t get past gender.

City Life

The Most Excruciating Black Pain

Johnson: Where we once had still photos of hanging black men, we now have graphic videos of shootings of black men.

City Life

After Latest Freddie Gray Acquittal, All I Feel Is Numb

Johnson: We’ve been here before. And the outcome was never really in question.

City Life

Orlando, Charleston Were Hateful Attacks on Safe Spaces

Johnson: Why protecting marginalized communities and sanctuary spaces is more crucial than ever.

City Life

Muhammad Ali’s Biggest Fight Continues

Johnson: More than our greatest prize fighter; Ali was America’s greatest champion for social justice.

City Life

Lemonade Stand: What Beyoncé Will Be Bringing to the Linc

Johnson: What to expect when the world’s biggest pop star takes the pulpit in South Philly.