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Tre Johnson

City Life

On Birth of a Nation and Luke Cage

Johnson: We still haven’t fully addressed where we are as a country.

City Life

How Beyonce Made Football a Protest Space

Johnson: And why her show tonight at the Linc will feel different as a result.

City Life

Monday-Morning Quarterbacking Colin Kaepernick’s Protest

Johnson: Debate always revolves around the “how” of the protest, never the “why.”

Things to Do

What Frank Ocean’s Blond Says About Living — and Loving — in the City

Johnson: The follow-up to Channel Orange is all about walls.

City Life

What Simone Manuel’s Gold Medal Comments Say About Race in America

Johnson: There’s no compartmentalizing your experience when you’re so intimately familiar with injustice.

City Life

The Two Big Ironies in David Clarke’s RNC Speech

Johnson: And why his quoting of MLK is especially — and grotesquely — off base.

City Life

What Hillary and the New Ghostbusters Have in Common

Johnson: Like the presumptive Democratic nominee, the much-anticipated remake is fighting 30 years of legacy, and a public that can’t get past gender.

City Life

The Most Excruciating Black Pain

Johnson: Where we once had still photos of hanging black men, we now have graphic videos of shootings of black men.

City Life

After Latest Freddie Gray Acquittal, All I Feel Is Numb

Johnson: We’ve been here before. And the outcome was never really in question.

City Life

Orlando, Charleston Were Hateful Attacks on Safe Spaces

Johnson: Why protecting marginalized communities and sanctuary spaces is more crucial than ever.

City Life

Muhammad Ali’s Biggest Fight Continues

Johnson: More than our greatest prize fighter; Ali was America’s greatest champion for social justice.

City Life

Lemonade Stand: What Beyoncé Will Be Bringing to the Linc

Johnson: What to expect when the world’s biggest pop star takes the pulpit in South Philly.

City Life

How Madonna Got That Prince Tribute Wrong

Johnson: Hollywood has it right, the music industry has it wrong.