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Gina Tomaine

Health and Wellness Editor

Gina Tomaine is Health and Wellness Editor of Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter @gtomaine.

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The CHOP Patient-Turned-Playwright Whose Poetry Will Make You Cry

You can catch one of her plays at the Shawnee Playhouse in January.

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This Is City Hall’s Best Kept Secret

It happens twice a week on the sixth floor.

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Meet Philly Runner Kinzey Lynch

He’s blind — but he doesn’t let that stop him from crushing marathons.

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How to Laugh at Your Worst Days

And why you should.

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Rebecca Levenberg: “There’s Nothing I Can’t Do”

She lost her leg in a bike accident, but nothing can hold her back.

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Meet the Inspiring 81-Year-Old Broad Street Runner

John Schultz shows no signs of stopping.