The Best Things to Do, Places to Eat and Adventures to Have This Summer in Philly

Outdoor dining at Morgan's Pier on the Delaware Riverfront | Photo courtesy courtesy Morgan's Pier

Outdoor dining at Morgan’s Pier on the Delaware Riverfront | Photo courtesy courtesy Morgan’s Pier

Does anyone else feel like this year is flying by insanely fast? We’re currently staring down Memorial Day weekend, friends, marking the unofficial start of summer, if you can believe it. As all the rain these past few months has left us feeling ever so robbed of a postcard-perfect spring, we’re pinning all our hopes on what summer has in store for us here in Philly. Read more »

10 Concerts and Music Shows to See This Week

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The Summer Set @ TLA | Wednesday, May 25th

As described in their lyrics “I’m a bit too pop for the punk kids, but I’m too punk for the pop kids,” this quintet falls on a rather ambiguous spot along the alternative spectrum, releasing albums that have been considered country and even reggae. The band’s latest record, Stories for Monday, is peppered with youthful feel-good anthems. Read more »


Sunflower Bean Photographed by Chris Sikich

Sunflower Bean
Photographed by Chris Sikich

The 16th NON-COMMvention got underway on Wednesday, May 18th, at World Café with eight solid performances. A three-day convention for contemporary noncommercial music radio stations, it is a unique and spirited affair. The music showcases are quick (usually a half-hour or less) and back to back, so it is a fun challenge to really drink in every performer. The first night was highlight-packed: Read more »

28 Things to Do This Weekend

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The Italian Market Festival (May 21st & 22nd) | Photo from

Friday, May 20th 

Read more »

5 Questions: Whit Stillman on Love & Friendship

Whit Stillman, director of “Love & Friendship,” with star Kate Beckinsale.

Whit Stillman, director of “Love & Friendship,” with star Kate Beckinsale.

Whit Stillman has been making films since his sparkling debut, Metropolitan, back in 1990, but it has taken until now for him to find the perfect literary muse for his brand of hyper-verbose, witty ruminations. Critics who first questioned the pairing of the modernist filmmaker and the writing of Jane Austen didn’t see how deeply connected their work was. Both are droll and keen observers of human nuance, but they also share a love of characters who use their loquaciousness either to mask their true feelings or to reveal far too much of them. His new film, Love & Friendship, based on a very early Austen novella that was never published in her lifetime, stars Kate Beckinsale as the wily, conniving widow Lady Susan, who hatches a plan to marry her daughter off to someone of wealth, while reserving a second rich husband for herself, in the form of the doofy, brilliantly confused Sir James Martin (Tom Bennett, in a command performance). Based in New York, Stillman trekked the short distance down to Philly and spoke with us about his Austen connection, casting an anti-heroine, and the joy of watching Tom Bennett at work. Read more »

8 Performances to Catch This Week

Amir Randall in The Ballad of Trayvon Martin at New Freedom Theatre. (Photo by Read more at

Amir Randall in “The Ballad of Trayvon Martin” at New Freedom Theatre. (Photo by

Sister Act @ The Walnut Street Theatre | May 17th–July 17th

In converting movies into musicals, some spectacles have proved better than others. Despite many film-turned-flops, the tale of a disco diva masquerading as a nun seems to resonate with audiences in all media, especially when accompanied by the whimsical scores of Broadway mogul Alan Menken. Read more »

Concerts to See This Week


Sebastian Bach, the former lead singer of Skid Row, appears at TLA on May 19th.

Lincoln Durham @ Milkboy | May 18th

Merging the hoodoo of Southern gothic with the sounds of psycho blues, this one-man-band found his flair in the deep Southwest on hand-me-down fiddles and makeshift percussion instruments. His latest record, Revelations of a Mind Unraveling, has been acclaimed by pop matters as a “kind of record that Jack White wishes he could make, a record that is loose, unhinged by commercial limitations or stylistic allegiances.” Read more »

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