Attack of the Mating Gnats!

The Philadelphia area welcomed thousands of unwanted guests on Monday night as a swarm of pesky gnats descended on the Delaware Valley in what experts say was a one-day, once-a-year occurrence and definitely not a precursor to the end of the world. (Wouldn’t that just be our luck? The apocalypse is totally going to arrive at a time when our Eagles are undefeated). Read more »

WATCH: Man Shoots Gun Into North Philly Home

Philadelphia police are searching for a man who shot a gun into a North Philly home earlier this month.

Officials say the incident occurred around 12:40 a.m. on September 5th in the 200 block of West Thayer Street.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect exiting a vehicle before walking over to the front of a house and preparing to fire the gun. He then struggles to operate the weapon, appears to give up and walks away for a moment before returning to the home and shooting several times. The man eventually returns to the car, which drives away.  Read more »

LISTEN: Meet the Retired Black Cop Who Became a Whistleblower

Rochelle Bilal, President of the Guardian Civic League, details allegations of racism and corruption at the Philadelphia Police Department. Photography by C. Norris © 2017

The season finale of Pushback, the podcast co-produced by Philly Mag and WURD, is now available. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or check it out below.

Among the Philadelphians who would be least surprised by recent allegations of racism in the Philadelphia Police Department is Rochelle Bilal, an outspoken black woman and civil-rights advocate who, upon joining the police academy in the mid-1980s, claims to have encountered “true, straight-up racism.” Read more »

Philly Police Suspend Cop Who Killed David Jones

Police shooting victim David Jones in an undated photo from Facebook.

After answering to Internal Affairs on Thursday for his role in the shooting death of a 30-year-old dirt bike rider in North Philadelphia earlier this summer, Officer Ryan Pownall was officially suspended by the Philadelphia Police Department for 30 days with intent to dismiss.

“Sadly, two parallel lanes of poor judgment crossed paths on that evening,” Commissioner Richard Ross said in a news conference this morning. “We ask police officers to deal with dangerous situations that most people can neither appreciate nor understand. This does not relieve us of our responsibility to adhere to our policy and training.”

Police say Pownall fatally shot David Jones on the 4100 block of Whitaker Avenue following a struggle on June 8. Pownall was working in the area transporting witnesses for the Special Victims Unit when he allegedly observed Jones recklessly driving a red dirt bike through the neighborhood. After Jones’ dirt bike stalled near the sidewalk adjacent to a nightclub, Pownall exited his patrol vehicle and attempted to question the Germantown man. Read more »

Report: Temple Student’s Body Taken 100 Miles in a Lyft

jenna burleigh

L: Jenna Burleigh | R: Joshua Hupperterz via the Philadelphia Police Department

Joshua Hupperterz, the 29-year-old man who is accused of murdering 22-year-old Temple University student Jenna Burleigh last week, used Lyft to transport her remains in a storage bin more than 100 miles from his mother’s house in Jenkintown, Pa. to Wayne County, a police source told Philly.comRead more »

Police Searching for Bold Center City Bank Robber

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Police Department.

The FBI/Philadelphia Police Violent Crimes Task Force is asking for the public’s help in locating a suspect who robbed a Center City bank branch on Tuesday morning and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash before authorities arrived on the scene. Read more »

Pa. Senate Bill Would Force Protesters to Pay for Rallies


Protesters in Philadelphia in January | Photo: Dan McQuade

A Pa. Senate bill introduced earlier this month would force some protesters to foot the bill for costs connected to rallies.

Under state Senate bill 754, protesters who are convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense could be liable for police overtime costs or other public safety expenditures incurred as a result of a demonstration.  Read more »

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