Report: Philly Paid Out $40 Million for Police Misconduct


MuckRock, an investigative website that specializes in open-records requests, says Philadelphia has paid more than $40 million to settle nearly 600 police misconduct suits since 2009.

Sound like a lot? The folks at MuckRock think so.

“The numbers dwarf comparable statistics in other major cities for which MuckRock obtained the same data,” MuckRock reported. “For example, the cities of Indianapolis, San Francisco, San Jose, and Austin settled or lost a combined 122 police misconduct cases — compared to 586 cases in Philadelphia.”

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Police Cars Crash in Center City


[Update 1:00 p.m.] A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department offered this brief account to media in a written statement:

Today, Monday, October 13th at approximately 8:58 AM Unit 1(make and model not available at this time) while travelling Southbound on 21st Street at Spruce struck a police vehicle who was responding to a priority assignment on the passenger side. The police vehicle then struck a police vehicle which was parked and unoccupied.

Unit 1 driver and passenger were transported to the hospital for complaint of pain. The officer was transported to the hospital for scrapes and complaint of pain.

There is no further information available at this time.

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Police Post Pics of Alleged Prostitution Johns to Facebook

This seems pretty self-explanatory: Try to buy sex from a hooker in Philadelphia, and your mugshot might end up on the police department’s Facebook page:

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WATCH: John Oliver Criticizes Philly Forfeiture Practices

The latest John Oliver rant features the topic of civil forfeiture, the police practice of seizing property — cash, houses, cars, and more — that might be related to the commission of a crime. Often, though, police walk off with cash even when there’s the barest evidence of a crime.

And yes, Philly gets a cameo, starting about the 11:30 mark:

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Rape Charges Dropped Against Former Cop

You remember Richard DeCoatsworth? He was the Philly cop shot in the face a couple of years ago, who still managed to pursue his attacker even while bleeding badly. He underwent surgeries, and ended up standing next to Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address — only to end up leaving the force later, then being charged with rape earlier this year.

Now, the Inky says the “most serious charges of rape” are being dropped. “Prosecutors said there were credibility problems with the two witnesses,” the paper reported. He still faces a domestic violence charge involving his girlfriend.

The D.A.’s office released a short statement:

After an intense follow up investigation by the District Attorney’s Office it was determined there was not enough evidence to proceed to trial with the trafficking and sex crime charges against this defendant. The Commonwealth will still proceed with the defendant’s remaining domestic violence charges.

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59 Narcotics Cases Dropped in Police Corruption Case

We already knew Jeffrey Walker was a bad Philadelphia cop: He pleaded to robbery and weapons charges earlier this year, and his cooperation was considered key to the mass indictment of his fellow narcotics officers over the summer. But we’re still getting a sense of the scale of the problem.

The Inquirer reports a judge on Friday dismissed 59 narcotics convictions in which Walker was a key witness. The convictions had been obtained between 2004 and 2013.

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The Real Deal: A Philly Police Officer Speaks Anonymously

real-deal-400x400In our new feature, The Real Deal, we’re talking to people in Philadelphia who will only speak to us with a clear agreement of anonymity. For the first installment, a veteran Philadelphia police officer talks about the Center City gay-bashing, stop-and-frisk, and his biggest problem with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

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