For the Love of God, Don’t Buy Davio’s $95 Picnic Basket

Davio’s Philly/Facebook

While summer doesn’t officially start till next week, it’s definitely picnic season in the city’s parks and green spaces. Lounging on the grass for some al fresco dining is the perfect way to enjoy a lazy afternoon or break up your workday.

The folks at the Center City location of Northern Italian steakhouse chain Davio’s think so, too: They’re offering picnic baskets loaded up with sandwiches, salads, desserts, and sparkling or still water for two through August. Call an hour beforehand and you can swing by their location on South 17th Street — just two quick blocks from the excellent greenery and people-watching at Rittenhouse Square — to pick up your basket.

Which costs $95.

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Leave Thanksgiving Cooking to Someone Else

Bring home this turkey and Percy Street will donate a turkey to a local food bank.

Bring home this turkey and Percy Street will donate a turkey to a local food bank.

Not looking to get that blood pressure above 120/80 or your stove above 425º, then here are some Thanksgiving suggestions for the cooking averse.

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14 Surprising Restaurants to BYOB in Philly


Garces Trading Company may now have a bar but you can still BYOB.

Philadelphia is rightfully known for its BYOB scene, but it also seems an increasing number of restaurants with liquor licenses are offering corkage-free days as well. Why? Well as Petruce et al’s Tim Kweeder tells us, sometimes diners want to open a special bottle on an anniversary that they brought back from their honeymoon, or they might have something that’s just not available in Pennsylvania restaurants. Kweeder also shares that sometimes he hits it off with some diners, and they want to show off a bottle from their collection with him.

So if you have a special bottle you want to uncork, or if you just want to save a few bucks (and who doesn’t), here’s a whole slew of restaurants that offer at least one night of corkage free BYOB.

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New Brunch Options Abound in Philadelphia


The view from the Top of the Tower which now offers brunch.

Everyone’s favorite weekend ritual is about to get some more variety. As the weather warms up, restaurants are launching new brunches, complete with drink deals and outdoor seating. Whether you’re nursing a hangover with endless Bloody Marys or trying to find a place you can bring crying kids, there’s something new for you.

This past Sunday, SkyBrunch commenced at Top of the Tower at Three Logan Center (18th and Arch). Each week you can head up to the 51st floor for an all-inclusive brunch and an unbeatable panorama of the city. Brunch costs $50 per person.

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DO THIS: Battle Of The Burger 2014


Diehard carnivores, rejoice: Philadelphia magazine’s second annual Battle of the Burger is almost here.

Battle of the Burger began with an online voting competition where the public cast votes for their favorite burger from over 50 restaurants. Now, the top 20 finalists will move on to battle it out at the main event, where one restaurant’s masterpiece will be crowned the best in Philly.

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About Last Night: Walking Dead Dinner At Davio’s


So did you guys see last night’s finale of the Walking Dead? We did–from the bar at Davio’s, with drinks in hand, and surrounded by a bunch of like-minded zombie nerds.

We were there for our Foobooz Walking Dead viewing party, and it was cool. A fine zombie-themed dinner from Chris Tavares and the crew in the kitchen, plenty of drinks to cushion our spirits against what were some rough opening scenes, and then…cannibals? Weird, sure. And now a VERY long wait until the October premier of season 5.

But in the meantime, at least we have this night to look back on. And for those of you who couldn’t join us, here’s some of what you missed.

A red velvet heart, right this way…

Win Free Tickets To The Foobooz Walking Dead Finale Party

Walking Dead Season 4

In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a Walking Dead finale party at Davio’s this Sunday. There’s gonna be food (a special, Walking Dead themed menu, designed by chef and zombie enthusiast Chris Tavares) and there’s gonna be booze (paired wines with each course). We’re gonna get to watch the finale on a big screen. But do you know what the best part is about it being our party? We get to give away tickets to the cleverest and most deserving among you.

Hence, we have determined that it is time for a contest. A poetry contest. A zombie poetry contest. And the winner gets a pair of tickets to Sunday night’s dinner and finale party.

Think you got what it takes?

It’s A Walking Dead Dinner And Finale Viewing Party At Davio’s


Hey, any of you out there Walking Dead fans?

We are, and what with the season finale coming up soon, we decided we wanted to celebrate it in high style–with booze and lobster and hors d’oeuvres and a whole bunch of friends and fans. Lucky for us, chef Chris Tavares over at Davio’s is also a fan (we once named Davio’s as one of the best restaurants in Philly in which to ride out the inevitable zombie apocalypse), and he got it in his mind that he wanted to do a whole Walking Dead-themed menu around which we might build a big viewing party for all the super-fans in Philly. So after a few weeks of backing-and-forthing, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

So on finale night–Sunday, March 30–we’re all going to be getting together for a big dinner-and-viewing party at Davio’s. Art and I will both be there. Dinner will be three courses, with wine pairings, plus passed snacks. There’ll be TVs for us to watch the show, plenty of food and drink, and Chris has already let slip some of the weirdness he has in store–like cured striped bass that looks like peeling flesh, marrow bones, a blood-spattered cake in the shape of a human heart. Imagine it like a giant kid’s Halloween party catered by a serious chef. And, you know, with drinking. And zombies.

Reservations are required. Tickets are going for $125 a pop, including the wine pairing (tax, tip and additional beverages are extra). And you can get yours starting right now by calling Davio’s at 215-563-4810.

The full menu and all the details, right this way…

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