Free Cheesesteak Spring Rolls At Davio’s

Yeah, the cold weather in Philly can really suck. But you know what might make it a little nicer? Free food, hot from the Friolator.

Starting today (which is not really all that cold), Davio’s is offering a deal to get you out into the cold. On any day where the temperatures drop below freezing (that’s 32 degrees fahrenheit for those of you who failed high school chemistry), all you have to do is head to the bar at Davio’s, show the bartender your phone with proof that the weather truly does suck the required amount, and he or she will bring you a free order of fancy-pants cheesesteak spring rolls from the kitchen.

The deal is only good Monday–Friday 11:30am–2:30pm and 5:00pm–11:00pm, and only works if you’re in the bar area, but frankly, Davio’s has a really nice bar, so that’s no hardship. What’s more, they’ve got those nice windows so you can look down into the street and see all the poor suckers out there not tucked away in a warm bar eating free spring rolls. Take that, everybody who’s not you!

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse [Official]