Win Free Tickets To The Foobooz Walking Dead Finale Party

Walking Dead Season 4

In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a Walking Dead finale party at Davio’s this Sunday. There’s gonna be food (a special, Walking Dead themed menu, designed by chef and zombie enthusiast Chris Tavares) and there’s gonna be booze (paired wines with each course). We’re gonna get to watch the finale on a big screen. But do you know what the best part is about it being our party? We get to give away tickets to the cleverest and most deserving among you.

Hence, we have determined that it is time for a contest. A poetry contest. A zombie poetry contest. And the winner gets a pair of tickets to Sunday night’s dinner and finale party.

So here’s the deal: Since the chef at Davio’s is putting together a Walking Dead menu, what we want from you is some Walking Dead poetry. It doesn’t have to be a haiku this time, but we’re asking you to limit it to 12 lines. Free verse is just fine, but there are bonus points for anyone who goes with a rhyme scheme (and double points for rhyming “zombie” with…anything, even though the word “zombie” is never used in the show).

Beyond that? Everything is fair game. It can be fan poetry. It can be specific to the show. It can be completely unconnected to the show, provided it remains within the Walking Dead’s universe. 12 lines and involving walkers, that’s what we’re asking for. All submissions go in the comments. The deadline is 4:30 tomorrow (Thursday). And this time we are picking the winner, so feel free to vote up poems you like, but the most popular will not necessarily be the winner.

We clear? Then get to writing. And for those of you who just don’t feel like you have a poem in you, there are still some tickets available for Sunday night’s party: $125 per person for three courses, plus wine pairings, passed apps and getting to watch the Walking Dead season 4 finale with a bunch of Philly super fans–and us, too. Call Davio’s at 215-563-4810 to secure your reservations now.