Who Won The Zombie Poetry Contest?


The poems are all in. The judges have been consulted. All arguments have been settled by sudden-death rock-paper-scissors matches. And we have our winner of a pair of tickets to Sunday night’s Foobooz Walking Dead finale party at Davio’s.

Erin takes it this time, with her zombie poem. And why? Because she did all three things we asked: She rhymed it, she hit 12 lines on the nose, and she managed to rhyme “zombie” with “tsunami” which is no small accomplishment.

So, in a rare victory for following the rules, Erin takes it from close second-place contender, Brad, whose poem I absolutely loved–especially how he went dark right there at the end–but who didn’t manage to find a rhyme for zombie.

Here’s Erin’s poem, in its entirety, for those of you who missed it:

The weapons are chosen and plans in place
When the apocalypse begins,
You won’t find fear on this face

Solo is fine but you’re better in a group
Head out of the city,
And get used to canned soup

You’ll rarely encounter just one little zombie
So prepare yourself,
Because it’ll be a full-on walker tsunami

My advice to you when facing the undead,
Get packed, get moving
And aim for the head!

So congrats, Erin. We’ll see you at Davio’s on Sunday night. And for those of you who didn’t win, they’re still taking reservations for any of you who want to come, hang out and watch the Walking Dead finale with us.

It’s A Foobooz Walking Dead Dinner And Finale Viewing Party At Davio’s [Foobooz]