Video: After Crashing Into Crown Fried Chicken, Man Strips, Pleasures Himself

We apologize in advance for this relatively NSFW video.


On Monday morning at 10:30 a.m, a 34-year-old Pennsauken, New Jersey, man seemed to be feeling pretty good. According to police, he crashed his car into the Crown Fried Chicken at 5th and Lehigh in North Philadelphia and then disrobed.

(UPDATE: The man seen in this video has three previous DUI arrests in Philadelphia. According to the DA’s office, charges of open lewdness and indecent exposure are forthcoming.)

An onlooker shot this video, which captures what the man does next. He was charged with a DUI. Why he wasn’t charged with indecent exposure or public lewdness is anyone’s guess. Though the video isn’t 100% clear as to the self-pleasuring activity, the man who shot the video tells me, “Oh, he was most definitely making himself feel happy.”

Here’s the full statement from police about the incident:

On January 27, 2014, at approximately 10:30 am, police responded to 500 West Lehigh Avenue for an auto accident. Upon their arrival officers observed a vehicle on the curbside of the southwest corner of 5th & Lehigh Avenue. The male operator was seated in the driver’s seat of a 2007 Silver Camry with no shirt on. The male was asked to step out of the vehicle and when he, did the male was unable to stand on his own. His clothes were torn off and he was unable to respond to police questions. Witnesses to the accident stated that the male was operating his vehicle west on Lehigh Avenue and then veered across the intersection at 5th Street and drove on to the curb hitting a fixed object. After the accident,the male operator exited the vehicle and began removing his clothing and yelling. He then attempted to drive off; however, someone was able to remove the keys and hold them until police arrived. The operator was identified as 34 year old ######### from Pennsauken, New Jersey. He was charged with Driving Under the Influence; no injuries reported.

According to the manager of the Crown Fried Chicken, damage to the restaurant was minimal. The crash occurred less than 400 feet from an elementary school.

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  • JerseyGurl

    Drunk at 10:30am on a Monday morning. Yowzers.

    • NoneBuriedDeeper

      Try high as a kite

    • Jonathan

      Boggles the mind, huh? He’d had quite an evening.

    • 1eyeninja

      ..what’d you expect from a jerk-off from philly?

      ..and to top it off he gives himself a reach-around

  • brandonimo kraponovitz

    whoever was filming this should be arrested for stopping the tape

    • Gordan Shumway


  • James Bradford

    He should be fined for having such a sweet lil’ ass. Is this him?

    • Jonathan

      He took his page down. He does have a cute l’il butt.

      • Former VP Dick Cheney

        Too bad! I wanted to pester him for some more photos. Whooowee, that’s some fine sidewalk meat.

        • TylerChappell

          Gawd, the 3 of you have such low standards. He’s gross as hell and all you wanna do is bang him or get his nudes. Pathetic.

          • joeyb

            A lot of gays act that way. Turn every single story into something sexual or something to further the agenda If you think that butt is nice you need your eyes checked.

          • Michael Erickson

            And you know these people are gay from way behind your keyboard? Ok…

          • joeyb

            Read the comments above and decide for yourself.

          • smihilist

            imagine responding to an image of a naked man masturbating as if it were sexual image. Just imagine….

          • joeya


          • ikahana

            Yes, how dare those gays turn a story about a NAKED man who is found MASTURBATING into something sexual for their agenda!

          • Danny Ray

            If it was a woman…then you would be saying the same thing! NOW SHUT-UP!!!

          • ikahana

            Danny, Danny, oh Danny – Did you mean to respond to me with that comment? My comment was “satirical”. It was in response to joeyb’s comment above. I was pointing out how idiotic his comment was by paraphrasing it with emphasis on certain particulars to the story.

            What is with the comment about a woman? What are you assuming there? NOW SHUT-UP!!!

          • Danny Ray

            Ikahana! My sentiments exactly toward Joey B!

          • Waskully_Wabbits

            Ummm, pretty sure the guy who wrecked his car, got nekkid, and starting masturbating and fingering his butt made it sexual. Tag, you’re it.

          • Nef Diop

            Stupid fuck

          • Chris

            It’s not just a gay thing. I have plenty of gay friends who have much better manners.

            I have, sadly, known some straight people who are 10 times worse than this…

          • humus

            yep, he is fat. yuck

          • D. C.


          • Tyler, you should post some nudes!

          • TylerChappell

            come get them from me

          • Where and when?

          • TylerChappell

            whenever you email me yours,

  • TheStumblingBlock

    If there was a more perfect metaphor for how the Republicans treat the economy, I’ve never heard of it.

    • James D.

      You mean politicians… they’re all equally worthless.

    • joeyb

      However all major crimes are committed in your run down liberal ran cities and committed by Obama voters. The left then tries to blame the right. Keep drinking the cool aid.

      • Jonathan

        There’s just so much to be said about your comment. Sigh. PS – It’s Kool Aid. That’s just the beginning.

        • joeyb

          coming from a guy who just commented on this sickos butt i really couldn’t care less.

        • Randy

          Grammar police crack me up. They think they’re making a point while letting others do the heavy lifting.

          • Jonathan

            Funny you should mention that – exactly like your comment!!! His grammar is a lost cause and likely so are you.

          • Randy

            You’re so clever. How can you live in the light of that brilliance? It must be blinding.

          • Jeremy

            Stop trying to ruin what is maybe THE BEST time and place to discuss the issues of our GENERATION!!!!!!Progress on every corner baby :)

          • Randy

            Was that supposed to make sense? I hope not.

        • cliff_harnley

          So much to be said yet you offer nothing. His comment is spot on.

          • joanim

            care to explain how it is spot on? Crime rate per capita is higher in the South. Of course it has always seemed that the cities have higher rates of crime because of population density and homeless and runaways flocking to the urban area.

          • Jonathan

            He’s a hopeless case, a pathetic know-nothing, borderline imbecile. Hopped up on Fox news like the rest of you empty headed weak, illiterate and lazy people who allow a TV channel to do their thinking for them. Who have NEVER LEARNED HOW TO ANALYZE, EVALUATE, or think for themselves.

            “liberal ran cities”. Well, I geuss the liberals just don’t cotton to the Ideer of coming down to the church in yor holler to tech you how to construct a sentence.

            To put it simply, I heard banjos just reading his comment.

          • Jeremy

            To put it simply your on a witch hunt and you are a stereotyping piece of shit pushing politics in the goofiest of places. I consider you an idealogical zealot. I heard rap music during whilst reading your post.

          • Boris

            Oh Jonathan (before I begin to confuse people with my overuse of parenthetical phrases, I’d just like to say I would vote your comment up a trillion times if I could), you big softie… you’re being far too compassionate (and I am NOT being sarcastic, by the way); if you’re going to quote him, at least pick apart the quote according to the same grammatical rules he breaks at every OTHER turn! It should be “liberal run cities,” for god’s sake… it’s called tense consistency fool. <3 Jonathan haters gonna hate, you da bomb!

          • Jonathan

            Cliff – if you call that comment “Spot on” then you’re as stupid as he is, and that’s a low bar to push for. Congratulations..

          • Randy

            Oh my, the grammar police ended a sentence with a preposition. He’s a typical liberal, know-it-all moron.

        • Jeremy

          Good point. Sigh. P.S. its P.S. :)

        • B

          …if the first comment wins (@? (not sure if this situation calls for a preposition…) the internet, joeyb’s comment where he misspells “Kool Aid” loses

      • Karolyn

        You’re right about cities – 7 of the top 10 most dangerous cities are in blue states. However, of the top 10 most dangerous states, 7 are red states.

        • Centrist

          Instead point finger across an imaginary table, how about we take responsibility for the country as whole? I swear party members are the most socially blind fools.

          • Karolyn

            I fully agree. I just like to point out the opposite of what people post to show them there is a balance. There is basically no difference in the parties. The politicians are all out for themselves. I am more or a libertarian with a left leaning.

        • joeyb

          just defending my side sorry. Anyone who blames republicans for how the economy is after 5 years of a dem being the white house is a kool air drinker. You like that? I spelled it right this time. As for the Red States being the most dangerous its because of the crime in the liberal blue cities in those states. Let’s just face the facts that neither party brings much to the table anymore, but the finger pointing is also more on the party of tolerances side. ironic isn’t it?

          • jjdoe

            It is ‘ironic’ – since most of the poverty, crime, abuse, and the least educated are in the South. And proud of it! Plus, they all talk like Mush Mouth!

          • Jeremy

            Its ironic because racism is breed in the north east where it sounds like your from, along with this goofy article and in the south people tend to respect one another and life and things like that. Thats whats funny.

          • Kurt Gerhardt

            The economy is recovering nicely since GWB did his worst to destroy it with his two wars and Great Recession. Memory loss?

          • Jeremy

            Selective memory? Voluntary autism?

          • NP

            well, you spelled kool right this time but you still f***ed up the word. unless “air” is a new type of beverage…..

      • Michael Erickson

        And all the teenage pregnancies and diminishing IQs happen in conservative cities (and states).

        • Jeremy

          Thats one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. You people all need Jesus or MLK or something…….

    • Captain Black

      Really? A Democrat is president jackass. And Democrats run the Senate. For two years the Democrats had the white house and both houses of Congress. So just how are the Republicans, who have no overwelming numbers and have to deal with a president who executes executive orders, circumventing congress altogether, responsible for the economy you ‘tard? Oh, it’s STILL Bushes fault? Crawl back under your rock. You are sad and pathetic! But I mean that in the nicest possible way. :-)

      • JoeSixpaq

        No one runs the Senate without the 60 votes needed to override the minority party. The Democrats don’t have 60 votes, therefore they do NOT “control the Senate.” Senate Republicans can (and do) gum up the works at every opportunity. Learn something about how our government actually works before you spout such ignorance.

        Oh, and by the way, EVERY president has used signing statements. The last guy (you know, the one you’re desperate to forget) had quite a few, but evidently that didn’t bother you at all. Or maybe you just have a really short attention span.

    • Jeremy

      I think your the only guy here who has done more drugs than the perp in the video

  • Vince

    Man crashes into chicken joint, chokes chicken

    • James D.

      Excellent Headline!!!

    • Sensory_Homunculus

      You, sir, win the internet today.

      • cindy billups

        that’s histerical

      • Nite_Owl

        Today hell. That one wins him the whole month.

      • AcidPanda

        *tips fedora*

    • winning

    • LOL

    • Monty

      Spot on!

    • nice

      that must feel good (..winning the internet..)

      • AcidPanda

        it does (..masturbating on acid..)

    • Craig

      Thats too fucking funny dudee… Lmfao

    • David Rutigliano

      two idiots

    • Heather Clark

      Vince, you took away all those creepy feelings and replaced them with laughter.

    • Jec192

      Haha I went to high school with that dude. Hilarious

    • Tips to you Sir on making that fine and dandy comment.

  • James D.

    “Why he wasn’t charged with indecent exposure or public lewdness is anyone’s guess.”
    Probably a cop or the Mayor.

    • Jonathon Robert Cowley

      More likely they decided that since the Mens Rea for indecent exposure requires intention, the fact that he was drunk would make it impossible to convict him; and there’s no point charging someone with something they won’t be convicted of.

  • Barney Fife

    Looks like this guy… Age, physical description, etc.

    • jjdoe

      Hey, I’d know that ASS anywhere!

  • usbzoso

    He was probably on Ambien!!!

  • Karolyn

    Looks like he was dancing.

  • LGWolf

    She’s a hungry bottom.

  • Tyroanee

    Big Shout out for the school bus @2 o’clock… sigh what an idiot.

  • donkeypant

    PCP would be my guess.

  • Howard Pendleton

    well i found my new profile wallpaper

  • Friend of Roy

    That’s what’s known as “curb fun”, you Philadummies.

  • Randy

    He does cast quite the shadow in the still pic.

    • Durdan


    • Hahaha.. Classic!

    • S

      That’s his arm haha

    • N P

      Brilliant!!! (had to go back and look again) You may be even more twisted then he is!

  • Devilady


  • Chicken

    Is that the mayor of Toronto?

    • anonymous commentator

      He’s not fat enough.

  • RealityBass

    Interesting police report. That’s the first time I’ve read ‘operating his vehicle’ as a euphemism for masturbating.

    • j drew

      Doubt that’s a real police report.

  • davehorne

    Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love.

    • jjdoe

      Brotherly self-love.

  • GlassJawn

    Another reason why New Jersey drivers should be barred from driving here.

    • fififofum

      oh yea ok…. Like Philly drivers are the height of proper driving abilities. They are the WORST in NJ. Cause all the accidents in joisey

      • hyominnn

        Lol who gives a shit everyone in nj can die for all anyone cares

  • Big Red
  • Don’t Do Drugs

    Wet will do that.

  • Steve Anderson

    People want to act like they are better than others, and like to make judgmental comments about partying habits, without knowing anything about this man. Maybe somebody slipped him something. He should be treated as a possible victim until it is determined with certainty, that he is 100% responsible for the actions that we see in the video.

    All too often, the Police treat people like they are deviants, and it is later found that someone else did this to them.

    I worked with a crew that assists security at concerts, with drug overdoses and have witnessed a lot of strange behavior. One time a very pretty young girl was brought in by her brother, after somebody dosed her with GHB, the date rape drug. She was begging her own brother to have sex with her, and the next day, she was very embarrassed She remembered everything, but didn’t know anything about why it happened.

    • meme

      the date rape drug makes her pass out, not want to have sex lol

  • Merc

    Philadelphia freedom. lol

  • Vladimir Allen

    Ummm… I’m genuinely turned on by him…

  • joeyb

    Some of you are sick. This guy is a threat to society. He could have killed people with his car and you are “turned on” by him and he has a cute “lil butt”. Disturbing to say the least.

    • joeyb

      Picking $hit out of his a$$ checks at the 10 second spot on the video really turns you on?

    • ikahana

      He didn’t kill anyone. He is standing on a street butt ass naked. He is masturbating. Even if you have something up your “lil butt”, you have to find SOME humor in that, I would think. Humans have this uncanny ability to find humor (and sometimes sex) in some of the most strange, scary, difficult, “threatening” and dangerous times. Kind of a little survival skill most folks have. Helps you get through life. Isn’t specific to any one group. Most humans have it.

      • joeyb

        He was on a mind altering drug. There is nothing funny about it. Thank goodness it ended the way it did. His chances for getting shot to death by a cop were pretty high at that point. One lung at the wrong cop and he would be a dead man. Not funny at all.

        • Jeremy

          No more soap operas for you young man. This is hilarious. Better yet, no more drugs for you either.

        • B

          Joeyb…. i’m at my maximum pity point here, you’ve put me in quite the predicament I’m really not sure what to make of you anymore; You’re either EXTREMELY prone to typos and errors of all kinds, or simply a fan of mind-altering drugs yourself… “One ‘lung’ at the wrong cop” …….? I mean, *facepalm* I guess I’m the dumb one here- you must mean one LUNG as opposed to.. you know… one kidney. OR one pancreatic islet cell. Excuse me. I’m not on your level (thankfully, or I’d be typing this from a padded white room)

    • Jeremy

      No man. Whats sick is all you weirdos debating politics in here. No one got hurt here man.

  • joeyb

    400 ft from a school with little children and some of you want to talk about this gents ass. I feel sorry for you because your one track mind is hurting your ability to reason.

    • Stink Fistula

      shut up man lover

      • roy

        shut up idiot. You’re both crazy…

    • Michael Lewis

      It was funny in the Hangover when Chow did it.

    • Jeremy

      Holy crap man I guess you’ll be up in heaven all alone then????????

  • Will

    Hey suburbs, please keep your swiss cheese, car crashing perverts out of the city, we have plenty of oddities of our own. Thanks, Philadelphia.

  • Wannabe

    i heard he didnt get arrested because of that Macklemore “equality” song.

  • Ben Tousey

    What’s a little nudity among friends?

    • Wit

      …or a few hundred onlookers.

  • Wannabe

    Isn’t this in Northern Liberties? I heard it was up and cumming!

  • Edward

    And to think they said no one from my high school would ever be famous.

  • JJW9

    But was it crispy or original recipe?

  • Shane
    • jjdoe

      WTF – did they recreate James Dean’s death crash? Same cars. Did they speculate he was having sex at the time??? I hope there was a reason they included that! (never saw the movie)

  • Frank

    That wet will have you doing all types of shit lmfao. Good thing no one got hurt and he was eating any faces..

  • T

    He was upset they didn’t have jerk chicken.

  • Bob_Username

    Is he trying out for Jersey Shore?

  • Heath Parsons

    Cool video, but wtf does this have to do with it happening within 400 feet of a school? woohoo, 400 feet.

    • joeyb


    • Rosie

      So you are completely okay with a grown, drunk man exposing himself and masturbating in front of young children? You seriously see no problem with that? I pray you don’t have kids and never do.

      • jjdoe

        How many school-age kids do you suppose are wandering around in a school zone at 10.30 am? We all see a problem with it, period. But, that’s life in the big city. Weird stuff happens all the time.

        • Rosie

          You ever hear of something called “recess”? or gym class?

          • Jeremy

            Come on. Does someone pay you to worry? All kinds of hypotheticals. I seriously doubt many kids really saw this. Fuckin nuts man people these days. If a kid did see this, then they probably rolled on the floor laughing for a solid hour out of their morning assuming they’re maturer than you.

    • Shane

      It means ,,,there is a good chance, he will be put on the sex offender registry now..

  • AutoMag

    Where’s the BEEF?

  • LeOn

    wha.. lol…

  • jpd72

    He’s a naughty, naughty boy. I hope no children was there. That would be serious trouble.

  • Michelle C

    He would not be charged with indecent exposure because DUI is a heftier charge and carries a bigger fine let along its a felony, where indecent exposure is a misdemeanor. What a jack ass…

    • Jeremy

      Um, he could have been charged with both. Theres always that option, too.

  • Troy Collins

    What a jerkoff!

  • Dlong

    This is what the Affordable Healthcare Act is doing to people. This guy needs medicine! He needs a better role model then Obama! I think we should all masturbate to chicken. Racist!

  • Guest

    Upon arrival, his GPS said, “you have arrived at your masturbation.”

  • aglet

    Maybe the crash caused a flat, and the owner’s manual said to first take the Jack Off.

  • bobobagins

    pre-ejaculation accident. I hate when that happens.

  • Eddie Alvarez

    To those people who are so close minded about Gay people get to know one of them. Most of the sick people who do that are heterosexuals, not homosexuals. I’m straight and I’m openminded. I swore some of people don’t have anything intelligent to say on this page.

    • Jeremy

      How does gay acceptance come up here? I would be an ashamed gay activist trying to argue anything here. Save some face man. Thats amusing in itself. People are crazy.

  • Sportnut216

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, uh huh it’s better than yours

  • Sportnut216

    My fried chiken brings all the boys to the yard, uh huh it’s better than yours

  • Ron Endres

    What did he crap himself?

    • 1eyeninja

      either that or giving himself a “reach-around”

  • Daniel

    “when I think about Crown’s chicken, I touch myself”

    • 1eyeninja

      Crown’s should capitalize on this and start a new ad blitz:
      “chicken SO good you HAVE to choke it”

  • Mendoza

    Well, did he come?

  • Michael Rowe

    I’m impressed, especially given how cold it obviously was that day.

  • matthew brandley

    Does he want that deboned?

  • Ray

    The moon was out early in Philly.

  • PiNk

    he is outta his fried chicken a$$ mind.

  • Nick Kummer

    WTF O_o

  • Nick Kummer


  • Ashley Akridge

    my eyes!!!!!!!!!

  • Steffi

    “Why he wasn’t charged with indecent exposure or public lewdness is anyone’s guess”
    Really? Come on… upon reading this it is almost immediately clear that this man has some kind of severe psychological crisis. Therefore he can also not be charged with anything as he is clearly not responsible for his actions…

  • Anthony_JK

    Ohhhh-kay….who’s been slipping Viagra into the crystal meth?? We’ve been getting a lot of this stuff of late. knew that methheads were the horndogs of the future??


    Those who the gods would destroy they first drive mad.

    Americans are becoming more and more insane and soon God will destroy this satanic country.

    • a320er

      God doesn’t exist.

  • Andy
  • ijstaartindeoven


  • omgstfudammm

    I don’t find it funny I think its sad kids could have seen that & someone could have been hurt ppl need to grow the hell up

    • a320er

      Shut up, wench. Get a sense of humor.

      • Think-then-Think-again

        You’re an idiot. Get a sense of propriety.

        • Jeremy

          Your a jellyfish. Get a sense of self. I feel worse for you with all your bickering over weather its ok or not to find this funny than I do for this guy and all his DUI lol!

          • b

            OK at this point I realize I’m probably coming off as a rather irritating know-it-all, & yes, I know, I AM being rather repetitive with the incessant grammatical corrections… so go on, go right ahead- tell me I’m “a waste of life,” with “nothing better to do” than “correct people’s grammar online,” ….after all, I’m sure that’s as creative as you’re going to get with your response, and if you find it to be too tempting a retort to be able to stop yourself, I’ll not only take it, I’ll totally understand. :)

            (by the way, just to clarify: I have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone, and whether anybody chooses to believe me is irrelevant, I’m simply stating the truth: I do this once in a blue moon, if/when, and ONLY if/when something catches my eye) it’s just that, frankly, when I read these downright braindead comments and observe how, time and time again, the catatonic somnambulist sheep comprising American society remain oblivious to each other’s (not to mention their own), it hits me how severely uneducated the majority of people in this country are… and upon seeing it (I’ll be the first to admit) I simply cannot stop myself.

            DAMN IT!
            IT FRUSTRATES
            THE FUCKING HELL
            “your” and “you’re”
            ……….seriously though, unless you’re twelve (although I was well aware of the distinction at the ripe age of twelve despite English being my second language, being born in another country, and not speaking a word of it/starting to learn it until I was six years old), you should at the VERY least know that when telling someone they’re a jellyfish, YOU’RE (see what I did there?) supposed to say “YOU’RE a jellyfish.”
            If I was talking to someone with two functioning neurons to rub together I’d probably point out that it simply follows from logic/common sense that “if they’re a (blank),” then calling them a (blank) would (assuming you’re even AWARE that the word “they’re” is a contraction combining the words ‘they’ and ‘are’ by means of an apostrophe) similarly involve a contraction ending in -‘re. Hence (forgive me, for surely this is the epitome of wasting one’s time), “YOU’RE a jellyfish,” is correct because it conveys that you ARE (or they are, or he is, whatever floats your boat / however you want to think about it) a jellyfish.

            *pant, pant* I’m tired…

            let’s be realistic: you’ll probably write me off as a neurotic OCD freak so I’ll give you the short version (given the low likelihood of you reading so much as a word of all this):

            “your” = a word that connotes possession

            example: “It was your comment containing the grammatical error that caused me to spend an inordinate amount of time typing, leading me to effectively spend an entire hour talking (most likely) to either myself, or nobody at all, depending on one’s perspective on the situation.”

            “you’re”= the same thing (though with the added benefit of containing fewer characters) as saying “you are”

            example: “You’re the reason I’m going to develop carpal tunnel, considering this comment is, without a shadow of a doubt, a colossal waste of time.”

            and because I have NO FAITH that you’ll logically deduce anything on your own, I’ll throw this in for good measure:

            their= possessive

            they’re = seriously…if you can’t figure it out… *sigh*

    • Red_Ruffansore

      You just need some more hopeNchange and you’ll be fine.

  • Nick25

    A guaranteed odumma supporter– the country has gone crazy and Judgement is coming- I, personally cannot wait.

    • Red_Ruffansore

      There are two options that have played out in history since the beginning of time. Option 1, you do the right thing aka vote intelligently and elect an effective government. Option 2 is always fire. Emperor Nero’s getting his fiddle warmed up kiddies.

  • Ty

    Funny, I didn’t realize crown had jerk chicken

  • Lee

    with all the sex, drugs, ect on tv, in movies, girls being pregnant @ 13 who woulda thought this was possible… smh lmaoooo. Well society you love your sexand drugs on TV… here is the result of that bahahahaa

  • Robert Henke

    Does the chicken joint sell pulled pork, the shadow on the car only indicates that this man has a lot of choking to do on that chicken.

  • white raven

    Iv’e seen people on street corners with signs saying,” will work for food”,but this is a bit stretching it….lol

  • Red_Ruffansore

    If Obama had a son, he’d be choking his chicken in an intersection.

    • So other than you being a racist asshole, what do you have constructive to criticize the president about?

      • John Herman

        I miss the days where you could joke/complain/make disparaging remarks about a sitting President and not worry about being labeled a racist. As soon as a woman is President I’ll be a sexist too.

        • Robert Eckert

          Vicious personal attacks on the President never counted as jokes or complaints.

          • PJ McFlur

            vicious attack? How about people grow a pair?

        • Michael Andrews

          You won’t have to wait to be a sexist pig. Look in the mirror…◔_◔

  • 1eyeninja

    DAMN that must be some …goooood chicken

  • 1eyeninja

    someone told him Crown’s was out of mayo..

  • JD

    It is disgusting that as human beings we find pleasure in laughter at the expense of others. It’s pretty obvious to me that this gentleman like many others need help. It’s pathetic that instead of helping the situation is was videotaped and placed on the internet to further humiliate this individual. If it were your son, brother, father would you find such delight in this information. Just keep in mind that life has a funny way of making a full circle.

    • PJ McFlur

      If it were my son, brother or father… Id ask them what the he11 they thought they were doing. After I got done laughing of course.

    • JD you couldn’t be more wrong. But you do a good job justifying this behaviour and blaming everyone else around except the person responsible for it. It is, however ‘disgusting’ that people do drugs this damaging with the full support of liberals like yourself.

      • JdddjJD

        Obviously you can’t read, BC I’m not placing blame on everyone else. I stated that it is pathetic that human beings are cold, heartless creatures any more. This individual like so many others has a serious problem and needs help. Excuse me Mr. Righteous, I apologize that we are not all as perfect as you. Ever stop to think that he has a story… No grows up saying my goal in life is to be addicted to drugs that can destroy me. Why don’t you grow a heart jerk

    • Jeremy

      No what the guy did was disgusting. If a grown man acts like infant, then human being will laugh. Im so sorry it happened so close to a school zone miss. Have fun trying to convince people this isn’t funny. I think your comment is the unnatural one. Teaching people your moral compass? NO THANKS:)

  • “We apologize in advance for this relatively NSFW video.” Somehow, I doubt the sincerity of that apology, since you then chose to post the video.

  • kW

    This dude’s wife is a principal at a school lol

  • Finkster

    I still believe this Weirdo looks looks like that teacher that was fired from the Catholic School for applying for a marriage license and being a Sodomite Of The Classroom. His marriage plans must of fell through. And we can see why…..

  • Elroy

    I guess they forgot to give him gravy

  • Lance

    For the extremely lewd and crude contest: the winner winner,
    got to choke, his chicken dinner!

  • heynorm48

    Are those palm trees in North Philly? I’m more interested in that more than the naked guy.

  • Bill Langhorst

    Crashes into the chicken… then chokes it!

  • David

    Jerk chicken Philly style

  • dangler69

    Was he looking for jerk chicken rub?

  • Jeff

    I think I used to work with that guy.

  • I was wondering why my Uber ride was late

  • 3feetback-of-COS

    The guy is a Scientologist from Philly. His “body thetans” made him do it!

  • disqus_3C3PY37JDn

    Meth is one hell of a drug.

  • no

    That man just became the first candidate for Time’s ‘person of the year’

  • Bernie Peterson

    This is what happens now that Philly is no longer the city that “loves you back”.

  • Alwaysandaday

    That’s what I call choking the chicken!

  • pancakeseverytuesday

    That must be some really good chicken!

  • YoullGoBlind

    That’s our Vinnie!

  • stefystef

    He does NOT need to drink anymore.

  • Abers

    Phill has a cheese wanker, a chicken choker….all you need now is a bread masturbator and you can have a sandwich with some special sauce.

  • Abers

    Phily has a cheese wanker, a chicken choker….all you need now is a bread masturbator and you can have a sandwich with some special sauce.

  • RightsTough

    A white guy in North Philadelphia? That tells you he was crazy before he ever flogged his dolphin!

  • Mike Clark

    Do you think that he planned this insanity? Philly has some serious Looneys!

  • Cletis

    6 more weeks of winter!

  • Kasey Rakauskas

    I ca’t even begin to make a comment nearly as good as Vince’s so I”ll just let it go at that, won’t even try, I bow to you sir.

  • Dogchat58

    Hey did you see the chicken cross the road?!

  • Random opinion

    imagine if there were kids in that school bus……

  • Hal D Wallace III


  • Mancave Heywood

    Right so lets ban the rights of citizens to lawfully have firearms, yet keep letting drunk idiots behind the wheel of a car! Where is the outrage groups and that crazy feinstein to ban this type of stuff, you know it’s for the children!