Man Who Stripped Naked Outside Crown Fried Chicken Has Multiple DUI Arrests

So why is he just being charged with a first-offense DUI?


In the video that has had hundreds of thousands of views since Tuesday afternoon, Pennsauken man Vincent Wade is seen standing naked outside of his car, which he crashed into a Crown Fried Chicken at the corner of 5th Street and Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia on Monday, according to police. And it turns out that this isn’t Wade’s first brush with law enforcement, both in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

According to court records, this is Wade’s fourth DUI arrest in Philadelphia. In 1999, he was found guilty of DUI and hasn’t paid any of his fines or fees in that case, still owing over $350. In 2002 came another DUI arrest. That case was dismissed due to the “speedy trial rule,” i.e. he wasn’t prosecuted soon enough. And in 2012, Wade was again arrested for a DUI. That case was scheduled to go to trial in 2013 but was delayed after the defense won a motion to suppress evidence. The DA’s office has appealed that ruling, and a hearing is scheduled for February 21st.

Vincent-wade-mugshotWade, seen here in his most recent mugshot, has also had some legal trouble over in New Jersey. In 2006, he pleaded guilty to assault and received two years probation, according to New Jersey court records. There was also a disorderly persons conviction in Gloucester Township in 2013, while a 2013 Camden County weapons charge was dismissed. Wade has also been arrested on narcotics charges in the city of Camden. According to the Camden County Court, those cases were “downgraded” and sent back to the municipal level. Their disposition remains unclear.

So why is a guy with all this legal baggage just being charged with a DUI (and a first-offense DUI at that), when he was naked in the street, touching his privates, about 400 feet from an elementary school in broad daylight? We have a call in to the District Attorney’s office to find out.

Wade was unable to be reached for comment. His wife says she was unaware of most of her husband’s criminal history.

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