Vincent Wade to Be Charged With Lewdness In Crown Fried Chicken Crash

They'll also throw indecent exposure at him.

Vincent-wade-mugshotAccording to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, 34-year-old Vincent Wade will be charged with open lewdness and indecent exposure in light of the show he gave North Philadelphia (and the world) earlier this week.

Wade had been charged with a first-offense DUI on Monday, and the DA’s office says it will amend those charges to reflect the new evidence in the case, which presumably includes the video we published on Tuesday.

As we detailed previously, Wade’s criminal past includes (but is not limited to) three DUI arrests. One case from 2012 is ongoing, and a 1999 DUI arrest resulted in a conviction. But since that DUI occurred more than 10 years ago, it doesn’t count as a prior offense in the eyes of the law, hence the first-offense DUI charge for Monday’s crash outside a Crown Fried Chicken.

If convicted on all charges, Wade could face license suspension as well as jail time.

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