UPDATED: Geno’s On TV For “Drunk History”

Geno's Steaks

Photo | Jeff Fusco

UPDATE: The viewing party at SPBG has been cancelled, but the show is still on tonight.

So it looks like Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” series is taking on Philly tonight. Or cheesesteaks. Or both. In any event, we’ve been promised that, as a part of that, Geno’s Steaks is going to be mentioned.

No, I don’t know how much focus is going to be put on the cheesesteak shop. I don’t know if they’re going to be talking about any other restaurants. But apparently, there’s enough of Geno’s in the episode for them to be throwing a viewing party at neighboring South Philly Bar And Grill. From 9pm ’til 11pm, there’ll be cheesesteaks and beer specials ($2.50 Yuengling bottles and drafts, $1 off any Victory or Yards beers) and the episode will be shown at 10pm.

Geno’s [f8b8z]
Year Of The Cheesesteak [f8b8z]

Because SPAM Is Awesome, That’s Why


As if there needs to be a reason to celebrate SPAM–the world’s favorite canned meat product–a team of chefs and troublemakers have determined that next Wednesday, August 27, should be a day devoted to the greater glories of Hormel’s wonder-meat.

And so, on that night, at American Sardine Bar, there’s going to be a SPAM party. Photographer Neal Santos, food writer and man-about-town Drew Lazor and chef Scott Schroeder will be “expressing [their] hermetically sealed love” with an a la carte spread of “original SPAM-centric snacks.” Oh, and if that’s not enough, these three somehow managed to convince the good people at SPAM headquarters to ship them out a bunch of rare, weird or locally unavailable varities of SPAM, like hot-and-spicy SPAM, teriyaki jalapeno SPAM and bacon-flavored SPAM.

So you’re already excited, right? I know you are. And you’re going to be even more into it when you see the menu that the guys are putting together.
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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Solomonov On Addiction, Philly Diners, Craft Beer Rankings, Revel Is Done, Best Restaurants In America, Yachtsman’s Drink Menu


It’s another beautiful summer weekend, and we’re sure you have plans. But in case you’ve got some time to kill between your picnics and dinner plans, here’s what you might’ve missed on Foobooz this week…

Michael Solomonov Reveals That He’s A Recovering Crack Addict But he’s feeling much better now

13 Diners You’ll Find In Philly Where are you on this list?

How Citizens Bank Park Rates In Craft Beer We’re #11 (or so)!

Feastival Restaurant List Released What you’ll be eating at the biggest food party of the year

Revel Is Done And Jose Garces is down four restaurants

Today: Franklin Flea Here’s who’ll be serving today

Philly Restaurants Named Among The Best In America Who made the cut?

Meet The New Owners Of Resurrection Andrew Wagner and Marcus Versace

The Yachtsman Is Officially Open And we have the opening drink menu

Today: Michael Solomonov On The Radio


WHYY’s Radio Times is bringing in Michael Solomonov today to talk about Israeli food, donuts, the loss of his brother and his recent admission that he was addicted to crack when he opened Zahav.

Marty Moss-Coane is giving Solomonov a full hour to chat, so the odds are good that we’re going to hear lots of stories both about how he got clean and how he’s been almost single-handedly responsible for bringing about a mini-boom in modern Israeli cuisine. So if you’re a Solo fan, tune in at 11am this morning and give the man a listen.

Michael Solomonov [Radio Times]
The Inimitable Michael Solomonov [Philly mag]

High Street On Market And Serpico Named Among The 50 Best New Restaurants In America


This morning, Bon Appetit released their big list of the 50 Best New Restaurants In America. And man, it is one hell of a list. We’re talking Blackbird Chinese in Miami, Lusca and Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow in Atlanta, Hot Joy in San Antonio, Chicago’s Mott Street, Odd Duck in Austin, Q in L.A., and so many more.

Philly made a game of it, too, with not just one of our best tagged by Andrew Knowlton and his team, but twoEli Kulp’s High Street On Market and Peter Serpico’s Serpico on South Street. You guys can all start arguing now about whether or not these are the two best new restaurants that have opened in Philly in the past year, who should’ve really gotten the nod and whether its weird that both of our nominees came to our fair city from New York, but I think we can all agree that High Street and Serpico are certainly among the best of a strong crop.

This list of 50 will be winnowed down to 10 big winners over the next couple weeks. But you can check out the full list/slideshow right now over at Bon Appetit and start arranging your bucket list for the next year.

America’s 50 Best New Restaurants [Bon Ap]

Revel Is Done, And Jose Garces Is Down Four Restaurants


The news came down today: Atlantic City’s Revel Resort is shutting down next month.

Oh, sure. They’re still trying to sell the place. But they’ve been trying to sell it pretty much since the day it opened. Or at least since the first bankruptcy filing, which happened just a little over a year after it opened. As things stand now, the resort has never made a dime in profit, and the current owners are admitting that even if a buyer is found, Revel will still close before anyone can come in to save the day.

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Feastival Restaurant List Released


And we just got our hot little hands on it, so now we’re letting you know.

For those of you who’ve never been before, Feastival is one of the biggest food events of the year. It serves as a fundraiser for FringeArts and brings together some of the biggest names in the city for a one-night-only party full of music, food, booze, food, naked people, food, weird gymnasts, a live auction, food and more food. This is the 5th year of the event, and it’ll be happening on Thursday, September 18, at Penn’s Landing. Tickets are pricey at $250 for general admission and $350 for VIP, but the money is going to a good cause and, on top of that, it’s the kind of scene where eating and drinking away the price of that ticket really isn’t that hard.

So here’s a list of the restaurants that’ll be on hand for this year’s Feastival.

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Lobster, Hummus, Bacon, Beer, Food Trucks, Nightmares and Fun With Big Data


Even in the middle of the summer, the restaurant news just keeps coming. Here’s what you might’ve missed this week.

First Bite: Dizengoff Michael Solomonov’s new hummus spot soft-opens and we are there to check it out

Do You Have What It Takes To Compete On Hell’s Kitchen? And by “What it takes,” we mean a desire to be shouted at by British people

So Much Lobster At London Grill Get yours now

South Jersey’s First Bacon And Beer Festival What’s not to love?

A First Taste Of Vetri’s Lo Spiedo So make your plans now

Fun With Big Data When did Philly stop loving Stephen Starr?

Food Truck Update For August Everything you need to know

Little Baby’s Needs To Stop Making Commercials Or maybe just lay off the psychedelics for a while

Best Of Philly Bash What to wear, how to get into the Volver afterparty and where to get your tickets

New August Happy Hour Menu At Franklin Mortgage


It’s August and the crew over at the Franklin have a new “Extra Credit” menu at the bar. This time they’re highlighting mint with five cool, classic, mint-heavy cocktails for this hottest month of the year.

The Extra Credit menu is available all the time, but the Franklin also uses it like their happy hour menu–and everything on it is just $11 between 5-7pm, Sunday through Thursday. There are also $2 High Life ponies and a $7 daily punch, just to sweeten the deal.

Check out the full menu below.

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Got What It Takes To Compete On Hell’s Kitchen?


Shouty British fussy-pants Gordon Ramsay has managed yet again to survive another network TV season, and so Hell’s Kitchen is going to be coming back for another round.

Which is good news for you if you’ve got a thing for being screamed at by people with accents, because once again the TV casting gods have seen fit to focus on Philly as a place from which to gather their human sacrifices excited contestants for the new season.

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