Supper Is Closing


Some late-breaking news just coming into Foobooz World HQ this afternoon. It looks like Supper–Mitch Prensky’s dedicated farm-to-table restaurant on South Street–is closing down after eight-and-a-half years following dinner service next Friday.

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Feliz Gang Branches Out With A Pizzeria


No one out there can say that the Feliz crew doesn’t know how to put in a hard day’s work. Even though they closed Beast & Ale in Manayunk, they’ve still got Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington, La Calaca Feliz in Fairmount and Taqueria Feliz in Manayunk. And now they’re adding a 4th: Pizzeria Felici which, obviously, is some kind of sushi restaurant.

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Want Free Coffee For A Year?

Dima Sobko/

Tomorrow is World Smile Day. And yes, I know. If you’re a grouchy-ass cynic like me (or just deeply distrustful of people who smile for no reason), something like World Smile Day is just the worst.

But if you also happen to like caffeine (as I do), then there’s an upside to this one. Because eight Corner Bakery Cafe locations around Philly (and the burbs) are giving away free coffee for a year to the first 100 people in line tomorrow (Friday, October 2).

The downside? It comes with a free, bright yellow smiley-face mug. And that’s the mug you have to use if you want those free refills. Smiley-faces? Also the worst.

So which locations are we talking about here?

Twice in a Lifetime: Whetstone Tavern Reviewed

Passyunk Pork - pork chop, sharp provolone polenta

Passyunk Pork – pork chop, sharp provolone polenta | Photo by Caroline Russock

Jeremy Nolen—chef at Whetstone, the man behind Brauhaus and Wursthaus Schmitz, lonely local champion of modern German cuisine and a fella who knows an awful lot about tube-shaped meats—stopped by our table somewhere between the drinks arriving and the menus being taken away. He looked distracted, tired— sucking breath like a boxer in the third round suddenly realizing that the guy across the ring from him is more of a fighter than he’d expected. Read more »

Bad News In Chestnut Hill: Heirloom Closes


What with all the Pope excitement and everything else going on around here, this sad news snuck right by us. But last Friday, the crew at Heirloom sent along a message that they’d shut down their Chestnut Hill BYO after a run that’d lasted more than three years.

“We have cherished the evenings and brunches we have spent providing you with our very best and will miss the intimate setting of Heirloom in making these memories.”

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Chop Suey and Cheese Curds: Bud & Marilyn’s Reviewed

Photo by Neal Santos

Nashville Hot Buns and the interior of Bud & Marilyn’s | Photo by Courtney Apple

My problem with Bud & Marilyn’s is that I always want to be drunk before I go.

There are reasons. This isn’t me confessing to some latent alcohol problem, or anything so pedestrian. No, it’s because they have this chop suey on the menu, and this chop suey in particular (this chop suey more than all other chop sueys I’ve known) is maybe the most perfect drunk food ever created.

I know. No one eats chop suey anymore because chop suey was, is, always will be the avatar of Americanized Chinese food. There are a million stories of its creation. All of them are probably true. And it’s a dish that has lingered in the American consciousness for a century, staling and growing hoary with legend until it’s become the kind of thing you’d expect to find in some tiki’d and Buddha’d gold-flake dining room in suburban Milwaukee in 1977.

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Ranked: All the Herr’s Potato Chip Flavors


Herr’s Potato Chips, ranked.

Lay’s potato chips might have their whole “Do Us A Flavor” contest for creating new, weird potato chip flavors (Cappuccino, New York Reuben, Cheesy Garlic Bread — which isn’t at all bad), but Herr’s (the Nottingham, PA-based manufacturer of salty snack foods and recent winner of USA Today’s Best Food Factory Tour) has been messing with the basic potato chip formula since 1958 (just four years after the first flavored potato chip hit the market, in Ireland), so they’ve had plenty of time to practice. Which is why we decided that it was time to lay all the bounty down before us and have us a good ol’ side-by-side potato chip tasting, to see which was the best, which was the worst, and if there were any surprises to be found inside those bags.

And there were. Our team was thorough and our opinions strong, and now we humbly present to you All The Herr’s Potato Chip Flavors, Ranked. The rankings »

Last Minute Warning: Feastival Tickets Still On Sale


Tomorrow night is Feastival–one of the biggest culinary events of the year. Odds are pretty good that if you care about such things, you’ve already got your tickets in hand and are just counting down the hours until tomorrow nights arrival.

But because we know that some of you out there like to put things off until the last minute (an urge we wholeheartedly endorse here at Foobooz World HQ), we would just like to remind you that the last minute has now pretty much come. Tickets are still on sale, but your window of opportunity for using the 20% discount code we told you about last week is rapidly closing…

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First Impressions: Bud & Marilyn’s (Plus A Video)

bud-marilyns-Cheese Curds 940

Bud & Marilyn’s–the new/old very American grandpa-themed bar and restaurant from Marcie Turney and Val Safran–has a couple of week’s worth of services in the rearview now. They’ve been eventful weeks (with menu tinkering and all the normal opening-month jitters) and busy weeks (they’re doing a booming business already), and seeing as we’ve already dropped in on the place a couple times, I figured it might be time to round up some first impressions.

1. Every restaurant in the entire city should serve fried cheese curds as good as the fried cheese curds served at Bud & Marilyn’s. This should be easy, considering the cheese curds at Bud & Marilyn’s taste roughly the same as every cheese curd that has ever been fried anywhere. What’s special about them is simply that, in a city like Philly where fried cheese curds are not exactly ubiquitous, Bud & Marilyn has them. And they’re so good I kinda never want to stop eating them.

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