Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Volver Season 2, City Tap House, Oktoberfest, More Burgers, More Whiskey and A 13th Street Update


It was another big week in the food world. Here’s what you might’ve missed:

“Bar Rescue” Heads To Glenside Plush is now Osteria Calabria

Turney And Safran 13th Street Update Everything you need to know about their new and upcoming operations

Oktoberfests And Fall Festivals In Philadelphia The big list of stuff to do

P’unk Burger Coming To Passyunk More burgers is never a bad thing

Philly Restaurants Are Some Of The Best In the U.S. 12 local spots make the big OpenTable list

Volver Rolls Out Changes For Season 2 No more tickets and a new price structure

Where We’re Eating: City Tap House More than just beer

Discounted Early Bird Tickets On Sale For Whiskey Festival It pays to plan ahead

New Menu At Serpico


Peter Serpico just tweeted out this snap of the newest menu at Serpico on South Street. There are some classics on there (the corn ravioli, the lamb ribs), but I like seeing those two kinds of ramen. And the $9 pig’s head? That alone is enough to make me want to get back for another dinner. It’s been too long.

Serpico is also saying that they’re doing five specials tonight. And there’s always the tasting menu, too.

Serpico [f8b8z]

This Weekend: Lineup for the PHS Fall Festival


For those of you who didn’t get your fill of outdoor food-and-booze festivals at last night’s Feastival or Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, here’s another chance for you to get out in the sun and eat some stuff–the PHS Fall Festival.

It’s happening tomorrow at the Navy Yard and we’ve got the full list of food, drinks and sweets that’ll be on site to distract you from all the gardening displays and flowery knick-knacks.

Here’s what you’ll be eating and drinking at the PHS Fall Fest

Last Chance For Feastival Tickets (And A 20% Discount)


Setup has already begun down at Penn’s Landing for tonight’s big Feastival bash. So, if you’re still interested in going, this is pretty much your last chance to score tickets. A couple things to remember:

Thing 1) Tickets are steep, but we’re talking 80-odd restaurants represented and many of the best chefs in Philly on hand to keep you full of snacks from the minute you arrive until the minute they put out the lights. Also, if past years are any indication, there’ll be ample amount of booze to keep you well-lubricated throughout the evening.

Thing 2) It’s for a good cause. The whole shebang is in support of FringeArts, which is pretty cool.

Thing 3) A couple days ago, we told you about a discount code that’ll get you 20% off tickets. As far as we know, that’s still working today.

Hope to see you all there tonight.

Feastival 2014 [Official]

Want To Win Free VIP Tickets To The Brauhaus Oktoberfest?

BrauhausOktoberfest1Of course you do. Because while even a normal ticket to this Saturday’s huge party being thrown by the Brauhaus crew is awesome, a VIP ticket is truly something special. And since they’ve been sold out since mid-August, there’s no way to get your hands on a pair except to play our little game.

Why is it worth it, you ask? Because here’s what a VIP ticket gets you:

· Exclusive Access- VIP Pass in and Out of the VIP Brauer Bund with Special VIP Draft List

· Full wait staff and bar staff, with 5 PRIVATE bathrooms (no waiting in line for porta-potties)

· Complimentary Bavarian Buffet Courtesy of Chef Jeremy Nolen (Served 1-6PM)

· 6 Tickets Good for Beer from the VIP list or outside stands

· Official Brauhaus Schmitz Oktoberfest T-shirt

· 1 Liter Glass Beer Stein filled with Oktoberfest survival supplies

So yes. VIP tickets? A very cool thing to have. And as we did last year, we’re deciding on who gets this last remaining pair by way of a poetry contest. Or, more accurately, a sonnet contest. And only the very best one will win.

Of course, there are a few rules…

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Scott Schroeder On Being A Six-Day-A-Week Vegan


Chef Scott Schroeder of American Sardine Bar and SPTR has graced these pages many times in the past. There was the time he went down to Love Park to touch everyone’s wiener, then there was his SPAM-fest, his collaborations with Jason Cichonski and David Ansill, his various sandwich experiments. But he’s not generally the first guy who’d come to mind as a Be Well Philly cover boy.

Except that now he is. Yesterday, Be Well cornered him and got him to talk about his new, healthier outlook on life, his six-day-a-week meatlessness, what he thinks about vegetarian food in Philly and how chefs are changing the way they think about their diets. To wit:

Michael Solomonov told me something funny: He said whenever he eats something really bad, he always feels bad about it and then has to counteract it with something healthy. So if he has chicken wings, he has to have an apple. I think the days of the stereotypical “fat chef” are dying.

Anyway, the whole interview is good, and filled with interesting notions on modern, non-moralistic vegetarianism. You can check it out over on Philly mag’s Be Well blog right now.
Why Meat-Loving Chef Scott Schroeder Is a Six-Days-a-Week Vegan [Be Well]

New Tiffin(s) Opening In Voorhees (And Elsewhere)


But first, Voorhees. Owner Munish Narula and his crew are doing friends-and-family (and a media preview) on Friday, September 19 for their new location at 200-300 White Horse Road, at the Echo Shoppes. The official opening (and, therefore, the one you should really care about if you’re a fan of Tiffin and living in New Jersey) is Monday, September 22nd.

But along with this news, comes some more good news for the future. It looks like Tiffin isn’t happy with just one new opening in New Jersey when they could have three. The Narula Restaurant Group is currently getting ready to open two additional new Tiffins–one at 1892 East Rt. 70 in Cherry Hill and another at 249 Rt. 10 in East Hanover in North Jersey.

Tiffin [f8b8z]

Where We’re Eating: Forno Antico

Suburban restaurants are often doomed by the difficulties they have to overcome: lack of foot traffic, low customer counts, competition with the big-box chains that spring up on every major corner. But the one thing they have going for them? Their neighbors. Because when a great restaurant comes to a place previously served only by the mediocre and the lame, it can become the center of a community the way no urban restaurant ever can. Forno Antico is one of those places — a sprawling BYO that opened in a terrible location behind a jewelry store a few months back, but that’s been working hard to win over every single customer who comes through the doors. The pizzas come out of a traditional Neapolitan oven brought over from Italy (the name means “antique oven”), the alfredo tastes nothing like what you’ll get at the Olive Garden (meaning it’s wonderful and rich and buttery and creamy in the way that only a scratch-made sauce is), and the meatballs are huge, perfectly textured and delicious, even when, like me, you just ask for two orders to go so you can eat one in the parking lot before driving home.

Forno Antico [Foobooz]

Originally published in the September 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine

Discount Code For Feastival Tickets


So we’re now counting down the days to Feastival, which is happening this Thursday, September 18, at Penn’s Landing. And while we’ve already told you all about the restaurants that will be there, the crazy auction items they’re offering, and even played a game of Find The Kale in order to give away $700 worth of VIP tickets, we still have some more news.

Like how about a 20% discount code for tickets?

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: The LeSean McCoy Tipping Story, Avance Reopens, Gordon Ramsay To AC, La Colombe, Chipotle Strike


Okay, so obviously the big news of the week (whether you like it or not) was the LeSean McCoy/PYT/Charlie Sheen tipping kerfuffle–all of which is linked below. But believe it or not, some other stuff happened, too. Here’s what you might’ve missed.

The LeSean McCoy/PYT/Charlie Sheen Tipping Kerfuffle Everything you need to know (and more)

Avance Reopens Yeah, we were a little surprised, too

Chops Opens At Comcast Center And we have the details

The Anti-Restaurant Week List 22 excellent Center City Restaurants NOT participating

Capital Teas Coming To Philly A tea bar? Yeah, a tea bar

Gastronaut: We Like To Watch Open kitchens vs. closed kitchens

La Colombe Is Taking Over The World Expansion plans and a multi-million dollar investment

Penn State Chipotle Workers Strike They cite “sweat shop” conditions (though I’m not sure they really know what “sweat shop” means)

Gordon Ramsay Opening A Restaurant In Atlantic City But hasn’t A.C. suffered enough?

The Revisit: Vedge Consider the radish

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