Drive-Thru Cheesesteaks And Meatballs For When You’re Just Too Lazy To Even Get Out Of The Car


In the past, I have bought lots of drive-thru hamburgers. Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had have come from a drive-thru (one particular drive-thru, actually, in Denver, but I was generally pretty drunk). In New Mexico, I could buy a bottle of Jim Beam, two packs of smokes, some beef jerky and a bottle of cold medicine all from the same drive-thru, which was exactly the sort of convenience I expected from my local 7-11.

And while I understand that it’s gonna be a LONG time before I can do most of those things in Philly, at least there’s someone out there looking out for my cheesesteak-based drive-thru needs. Namely, the folks behind Zio Gio which, no lie, call the cheesesteaks, meatballs, cheddar cheese fries and odd, hoagie-roll-mounted open-face pizzas they serve “Authentic Italian Street Food.”

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Beyond The Plate: Townsend Wentz

townsend wentz at cook A few months ago, we told you about a beautiful, inspiring short documentary made about Chris Kearse from Will. Videographer Oliver Gallini told us then that this was just the first in a series of docs on local chefs and the stories behind their restaurants, their careers and their foods.

Well, today he made good on that claim. He’s now released the second short film in his series–this one focusing on organic-chemist-turned-chef, Townsend Wentz, and his eponymous restaurant.

As was the case with the first video, this one is gorgeously shot and smartly put together. It captures both the chaos and the grace of kitchen work, the beauty of the plates, and the story behind how Wentz ended up cooking for a living rather than working in a lab.

If you’ve got a couple minutes, you should totally check it out.

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Price Drop For Six Courses At Volver


Which means that now is a great time to make a reservation if you haven’t already tried the place out. Because while Volver has been somewhat embattled since its opening, it still served me one of the best meals I had last year, and that’s no small thing.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 4, Volver will be offering its six-course tasting menu for $55 between 5-6pm and 9-10pm–not counting Fridays and Saturdays. Yes, these can be inconvenient times to eat. But still, some of the best dishes off the full, 12-course tasting menu (like the Beef On Embers, the Live Scallop and Kentucky Fried Squab) are available on the short version, and at only $55 a head, you’re talking a cheaper dinner than three courses at many of the mid-range restaurants around Philly.

You can check out the full menus here.

Volver [f8b8z]

Tonight: Bravo’s “Best New Restaurant” Will Be Featuring A Familiar Face

Namely, mine.

Yeah, that’s right. I got to go undercover as one of the “secret diners” on Bravo’s show, Best New Restaurant (which you may remember as the show that used to run after Top Chef). The show itself pits restaurants against each other, testing them with various challenges in an attempt to find the best new restaurant in the United States. And the secret diner gig was basically a super-spy version of being a restaurant critic, complete with hidden microphones, secret cameras and all the cool gadgets they would’ve given James Bond if he was, you know, reviewing restaurants rather than gallivanting around the globe killing dudes and blowing shit up.

But whatever. It was WAY more fun than I ever thought it would be (which is saying a lot, because I love being a critic and I figured it would be hard not to have a good time when the drinks were on Tom Colicchio‘s dime), and if all goes according to plan–meaning if they actually use my segments on the show–I ought to be on for the next two or three weeks while the show checks in on restaurants in and around New York City.

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It’s Taco Tuesday At Taproom On 19th


And these are the tacos that the kitchen is letting go for $2 apiece (alongside $2 Tecates). We’re talking pork belly with frisee, pickled onion and lime aioli, chorizo and eggs with Sriracha, and mushroom, bell pepper and onion with garlic oil for those who don’t like eating animals. Or sausage made out of animals.

Taproom on 19th [f8b8z]

Bourbon Battle At The Trestle Inn


Here at Foobooz World HQ, we are big fans of drinking for a good cause. I mean, we’re big fans of drinking in general, but when our boozy natures can be put to the use of the ailing, the infirm or cute and fuzzy animals, all the better.

Thus do we offer this: Tickets are on sale right now for the 3rd annual Bourbon Battle at the Trestle Inn, which is being used as a fundraiser for PAWS, Philly’s largest no-kill animal shelter. The event is on Wednesday, March 25, it involves the consumption of several bourbon cocktails, and tickets will only run you $30 if you get them in advance. Meaning, soonish.

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Philly Eats All The Chickens: BonChon Crippled By Demand


Seriously? It’s like you people have never seen fried chicken before.

The lines, the waits, the epic crowds–all of this has served to throw a big, chicken-smelling wrench into the grand opening plans at BonChon in Chinatown. First, they had to scale back their hours so they could focus on their dinner crowds during the grand opening weekend–dumping lunch service entirely and opening at 5pm. Then they made that schedule temporarily permanent, announcing that, for the time being, the hours were going to be 5pm-11pm only. That schedule still stands, and today they’ve had to scale back even more.

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Gus’s Fried Chicken Is Coming To Philly


This has been a pretty good week for people who love fried chicken.

First, we finally saw the opening of Bon Chon Korean Fried Chicken, which threw wide the doors after a looooong wait just yesterday in Chinatown. And now, there’s news that the very-not-Korean Gus’s Fried Chicken is coming to Philly by way of Memphis.

This is awesome for two reasons. 1) More fried chicken is never a bad thing. And 2) I’ve been to Gus’s before, and can report that that “World Famous” on its sign is well-deserved.

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