Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Hop Sing Sneakers Party, Anthrax Bourbon, One Hour Cheese Delivery


The holiday season might be upon us, but the restaurant news just keeps coming. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Shopping For Foodies Trey Popp’s Holiday Gift Guide, parts 1-5

Anthrax In Atlantic City The band, we mean, who are releasing their own bourbon brand

One Liberty Place Is Getting A Restaurant And an observation deck, too

Hop Sing Laundromat Is Throwing A Sneakers Party Comfortable footwear allowed, just for one night

Top Chef Episode 9 Recap Literature-to-table cooking

Instacart Teams Up With Di Bruno Bros. Because sometimes you just really need cheese delivered to you in an hour

Main Line Happenings Ardmore is becoming a beer destination?

Stephen Starr Invents Novel Way To Make You Overpay For A Pitcher The growler deal at Dandelion…isn’t

Fork Debuts Winter “Our Terroir” Menu Just another menu from the King Of Menus, Eli Kulp

Tickets Are Now On Sale For Philly Cooks It’s gonna be the best party of the year

So Now We Know What Restaurant Will Be Replacing Fountain At The Four Seasons


We already know that Fountain at the Four Seasons is going to be going out on its own terms just a couple days after Christmas. Though breakfast and lunch service will be continuing, the final dinner service at Fountain is scheduled for December 27. We know that the Lounge will linger a bit, but that the whole shebang–the hotel and everything in it–will be shutting the doors for good in June of next year. The Four Seasons will be moving to the new Comcast World Domination Spire. Fountain? It’ll be a part of our collective history.

But as of yesterday, we now know two important things about the new operations at the Four Seasons’ former home. First, we know who’ll be managing day-to-day operations. Second, we know what restaurant is going to be replacing Fountain.

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Tonight: Fishtown Taco Exchange At Sancho Pistola’s

fishtown-taco-exchange-sancho-pistolas-4009If you’re out late in Fishtown tonight, we have the perfect thing for you: The Fishtown Taco Exchange.

Starting at 10pm, chef Tim Spinner from all the various Felizes around town (La Calaca, Taqueria, et cetera) will be in the kitchen at Sancho Pistola’s alongside chef Adan Trinidad, knocking out collaborative duck tacos three ways.

So if tacos, cold beers and shots of mezcal sound like a perfect way to keep warm on a cold night in Fishtown, now you know where to go.

Sancho Pistola’s [f8b8z]

Celebrating 5 Years at Zama


For one night only, and in celebration of the Rittenhouse sushi bar’s 5th anniversary, Zama will be doing a 5-course tasting menu (which, counting dessert, is really 6 courses, and 7 counting the intermezzo) on Friday, December 19. It’ll run you $55 per person, and the menu? It look more than a little bit awesome.

Check it out below.

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Instacart and Di Bruno: Because Sometimes You Just REALLY Need Your Cheese Delivered to You in an Hour


Starting today — starting right now, actually — Instacart is adding the entire contents of Di Bruno Bros. to their list of Stuff You Can Have Delivered to You in an Hour.

Which, not for nothing, is pretty good news for those of you who occasionally find yourself in some kind of cheese-based emergency situation where you absolutely need a pound of gouda in 59:59 and just can’t step away. And for those who’ve never experienced that sort of life-or-death cheese calamity? Well, that just tells me you’re not living your life right…

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Rex 1516 Debuts Citywide Burger Special Of The Week


Behold, the “Have Yourself A Merry Little Brisket” burger, created by Pat Szoke (ex of Alla Spina and The Industry)–a reuben burger with brisket, 1000 Island, swiss and sauerkraut. It’s on the board starting tonight at Rex 1516 and $15 gets you the burger, a beer and a shot of Buffalo Trace–which is a helluva way to do a Citywide.

Rex 1516 [Instagram]

Marigold Kitchen Is Teasing Their Secret New Year’s Eve Menu


Dinner at Marigold Kitchen is always a surprise. The way ex-chef Rob Halpern ran the menu, it was a constantly evolving spread of amuses and tastings that would sometimes change night to night and table to table. And now, the way new chefs Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza do things is roughly similar–all tasting menus, no a la carte, just a blindfolded adventure every time you walk through the door.

Except for this New Year’s Eve.

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Fork Debuts Winter “Our Terroir” Menu

ForkTerroirFork is already one of the best restaurants in the city–a place that’ll surprise you as well as feed you, and make you think (though not in any kind of annoying way) about where your food comes from and how it got from the field to the table.

That’s on a normal night. But if you’re down for some true culinary exploring, Eli Kulp‘s “Our Terroir” tasting menus are where it’s at. With these multi-course menus, Kulp and his crew are able to more deeply explore the links between Pennsylvania’s farms and its tables through the medium of food, and push the envelope even more than they already do during regular dinner service–a place where scallop crudo with fermented parsley, raw veal and tuna, and branzino with rice cakes and tamarind broth are just par for the course.

Anyway, the new Terroir menu is out now, and looks like a fascinating board. I’ll let them explain it all to you…

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