Seeds and Stems: Hungry Pigeon Reviewed

The breakfast sandwich sandwich at Hungry Pigeon | Photo by Neal Santos

The breakfast sandwich at Hungry Pigeon KOs the Egg McMuffin | Photo by Neal Santos

The first time I went to Scott Schroeder’s new restaurant, Hungry Pigeon, I showed up for breakfast and liked it so much, I stayed for lunch. There was just something so … welcoming about the place. Comfortable. It felt cool without even trying (which, I suppose, is the essence of cool), and as though it had been living there forever, in its little corner on Fabric Row, rather than for just a few weeks: the pale wood, the tarnished and mismatched silver wrapped in a side towel on the counter, the birdcages everywhere. It just worked in a lo-fi, garage-sale kind of way that rich restaurateurs pay tens of thousands of dollars to try to mimic.

It didn’t hurt that I am, by nature, a lazy man and relished the excuse to just hang out there for a couple hours, scrunched up in a corner banquette seat, sipping tea and eating Schroeder’s one-punch takedown of the Egg McMuffins of our collective youth. His version is assembled from a house-made English muffin toasted on the flat grill, an egg done just tight enough to hold together as part of a sandwich, local jack cheese and, variously, bacon, ham, or chicken sausage—the latter being the perfect accompaniment unless you’re into scrapple, in which case the scrapple is even better.

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Zahav Wins Book Of The Year At James Beard Awards

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov | Photo by Kent Miller Studios

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov | Photo by Kent Miller Studios

Know what that is right there? That’s what victory looks like.

A double victory, actually, as Michael Solomonov’s book Zahav: A World Of Israeli Cooking took home both Best International Cookbook and Book Of The Year at this year’s James Beard Awards

The awards were given out last night and, obviously, Cook and Solomonov were there to accept those medals in person. Unfortunately, they were the only local names to show up during the Broadcast and Journalism awards last night, but that’s cool. It’s not like Philly hasn’t brought back their share of gold over the years.

In the meantime, we reached out to Solomonov’s team and got some of Michael Persico‘s beautiful shots from the book, plus two recipes: one for beets with tehina, and another for shakshouka.

Check ’em all out after the jump.

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Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival Is Next Week


So this is it, folks. We’re coming down to the wire. And if you’re serious about your wine (or your food, really), this is the event you should be planning for.

This year’s Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival is happening on Tuesday night, May 3, at Lincoln Financial Field. There’s going to be more than 600 wines available for sampling, from wineries all over the world. Some of the best restaurants in the city are going to be there to feed you (Laurel, Amada, Circles, tacos from Revolution Taco, snacks from Marigold Kitchen, baked goods from Termini Brothers, plus so many more), and there’ll be an on-site Fine Wine & Good Spirits pop-up store so that if you find something you like, you can buy a couple bottles before you go home.

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Tickets To The Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival On Sale Now

Philadelphia Magazine's own Wine and Food Festival will tempt your taste buds this Wednesday. Over 650 wines will be available for tasting at Lincoln Financial Field's SCA Club, plus there will be plenty of great food vendors ready to pair their delicious food with your vino. Even better, an on-site wine and liquor store will offer your favorite wines for purchase, so you can continue the fun at home. Wednesday, May 6th, 6:30 pm, $130, Lincoln Financial Field, 1020 Pattison Avenue.

Don’t forget: If you’re a wine nerd, a food geek, or just like rubbing elbows with Philly’s swells, you can still get your tickets to the Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival happening May 3 at Lincoln Financial Field.

There’ll be 650 wines available for sampling, from wineries coming in from all over the world, plus some of the best restaurants in the city providing snacks for you while you drink. We’ve got all the details on the restaurants coming cataloged right here, and if you’re more into the wines, there’s a full list of participating wineries here. You can get your tickets at the link below.

Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival [Tickets]

Bernie Sanders Takes A Coffee Break In Limerick


Photo courtesy Julie Barretta

Bernie Sanders had a busy day yesterday. He came out against Mayor Kenney’s soda tax as a regressive burden on poor people. He rallied the troops in Oaks at a rally. And when he was done with that, he dropped in on my favorite suburban coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a snack.

Apparently, someone on the local campaign staff is a fan of Java’s Brewin’ in Limerick, because once the speech was done and the candidate had a chance to take a breath, he decided he wanted a cup of coffee and wanted it to come from a local business. So his team brought him straight to the little shop owned and run by the Barretta family.

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Pig Out At La Calaca Feliz

Miss Piggy

Yup, it’s that time again. La Calaca Feliz is throwing another Pigout party next Tuesday, April 26.

The basic details are this: $35 gets you all the roast suckling pig you can eat, plus nachos, sides, and all-you-can-drink margaritas, sangria, Dos Equis and Corona Light from 9pm to midnight. Awesome, right?

But there’s more.

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Rittenhouse Row’s Spring Festival Preview Party Is Coming Up

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival

On May 4, from 7-9:30pm, the folks behind the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival will be throwing their annual Preview Party at the Westin Hotel ballroom.

There’s going to be food, there’s going to be booze, there’ll be a silent auction and samples and, I don’t know… Fashion-y things (because it’s Rittenhouse, so there kinda has to be, right?). But the food and the booze is what we care about here, so let’s focus on that, shall we?

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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating (And Drinking) When Morgan’s Pier Opens This Week

Philly knows it's close to summer when Morgan's Pier re-opens for the season, and this Thursday, you can get a little taste of the warm weather and sun to come as the outdoor beer garden welcomes back guests. This year, Chef Nick Elmi, from TV's Top Chef, will be at the helm, creating memorable snacks and meals that you'll be able to enjoy throughout the venue. Opens Thursday, April 30th, various times, Morgan's Pier, 220 North Columbus Boulevard.

We already announced who would be cooking for you when Morgan’s Pier opens for the season this Thursday (April 21). But you know what else we can tell you? What you’re going to be eating (and drinking) when things light up for the season at Morgan’s Pier.

We’ve got Jim Burke‘s full food and brunch menus, plus the lineup of beers and cocktails all right here.

Happy spring everyone.

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Now We Don’t Use The Word Hero Often Around Here…

Photo by Allison Lewis.

Photo by Allison Lewis.

Over at the news desk, they’re telling the tale today of Eric Wagner, veteran sous chef at Standard Tap in NoLibs, who took to the streets to defend the peace and quiet of his customers’ Sunday brunch this past weekend–doing battle against an evil car alarm with the best weapon at his disposal.

Post-It Notes. Lots and lots of Post-It Notes.

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Some Big Changes At Whetstone

Photo courtesy Vanessa Beahn

Photo courtesy Vanessa Beahn

I really liked Jeremy Nolen‘s Whetstone when I checked it out a few months ago. It was one of the places that shaped the way I review neighborhood restaurants, and became a point of comparison for a lot of them that came after.

And now, with the new season, Whetstone is going through some changes. They’ve got a new menu, a new cocktail program, and a new (though very recognizable) face behind the bar.

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