University City District Wants to Reduce Your Encounters With Overcrowded, Rage-Inducing Bike Parking

You know when you sweat your face off biking to your destination, hop off your bike, look around for bike parking and realize there is none? Or worse, you see that the bike parking that is there is stuffed with what looks like every single bike from the entire neighborhood in a jumbled mess that definitely doesn’t have any room for one more to be added to the pile? When this happens, you could cry tears of rage — or, if it happens to happen in University City, you could take a photo of said jumbled mess in the hopes that, thanks to your photo, more bike parking eventually gets plopped down there. Read more »

Riverwards Produce Opens Next Week (With Free Produce-Filled Cocktails!)

Riverwards Produce stand at Fishtown FestivAle | Photo via Facebook

Riverwards Produce stand at Fishtown FestivAle | Photo via Facebook

A little over a month ago, we told you all about Riverwards Produce, a new no-frills produce shop with an emphasis on affordable, often-local fresh fruits and veggies, opening in Fishtown. Helmed by Vincent Finazzo, who distributes produce to a number of restaurants around Philly, the shop plans to start with weekly weekend hours while also doing wholesale orders for folks who want one specific item in bulk. (Summer-season canners, rejoice!) And good news, Fishtown veggie lovers: The tiny produce shop, located at 1822 Tulip Street, plans to open its doors next week. Naturally, they’re kicking things off with complimentary produce-filled cocktails. Read more »

The Checkup: Words for All the Emotions You’ve Never Been Able to Explain

• Humans are strange creatures and our brains are filled with all sorts of odd thoughts (“I wonder what Missy Elliot is doing today”) and emotions (“I’m not sad, exactly — my heart just feels like a train ran over it, then reversed back onto it, pressed the brakes and stayed there”), many of which we have a hard time describing. To help us out, the folks over at Science of Us have created a handy list of real words  from around the world — like pronoia and malu — for emotions you never knew how to describe before. Guarantee: The list will have you saying “Ahhhhh-ha!” for a good five minutes. [Science of Us] Read more »

Healthy Cooks: You Need to Stock Your Freezer With This One Thing

The only thing I appreciate more than a trick to make it look like I washed my hair without actually washing my hair (praise you, dry shampoo) is a trick that helps me get a delicious, healthy, veggie-filled dinner on the table for myself after a long day without — and this is KEY — taking up too much energy. Because come 8 p.m. on a weeknight, I generally only have enough energy left to watch Orange Is the New Black. Read more »

Meet Jackie, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

jackie leadI’m going to go ahead and call this week’s adoptable running dog Jackie the Beyoncé of running dogs. Why’s that you ask? Well, for one, she has a GREAT smile (evidence to the left), and two, she can kind of do it all: She can match your pace while running, run alongside you as you bike, and cheer you up with kisses when you feel like you’re going to keel over mid-run. Learn more about this sweet gal below. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get Tons of Protein Into Your Diet — Without Eating Meat

• As a human who doesn’t eat meat, I get this question from friends, coworkers and near-strangers often: “I’m thinking of giving up meat. But HOW will I get protein??????” Fear-filled eyes are a given. Well, here, friends: 20 ways to get tons of protein into your dietwithout eating meat. (Tip: Add hemp seeds to the list and you’ve got 21 ways!) [Runner’s World] Read more »

Hooray! Unite Fitness Announces Main Line Location 

Unite Fitness Announces Main Line Location

Photo courtesy Unite Fitness

Suburbanites, get ready to be VERY sore: Unite Fitness, the Midtown Village fitness studio known for their signature three-part workout that includes cardio intervals, strength training and a yoga recovery, just gave us word that they are bringing their workout to the Main Line, with a new location opening at 707 West Lancaster Avenue in Wayne. Read more »

What’s Going on With Gangster Vegan Organics? A Lot, Actually 

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Yesterday, West Philly Local noted that the location that, back in October, was announced as a new storefront for Gangster Vegan Organics, a Norristown-based shop all about plant-based food and juice, seemed to available to lease now. Meaning … no more Gangster Vegan planned for 4305 Locust Street?

We reached out to Gangster Vegan owner Vinny DePaul to see what was going on with the West Philly location and we found out that, one, he’s still planning on setting up shop in West Philly  — just not on Locust Street — and two, there’s a whole lot more in the works for Gangster Vegan this year, too. Read more »

Aerial Photo of Reading Viaduct Gives Runners Something to Daydream About

Earlier this spring, on one of the first really warm days of the year, I was locking my bike up near the base of the Reading Viaduct, the foot of the planned Rail Park and the spot where a PHS pop-up beer garden sits now. As I looked up from my U-Lock, I spotted a runner casually squeeze through a hole in the fence to the elevated rail line, the length of which is currently overgrown with weeds, and keep on running. I thought, Man, that girl is really desperate to run somewhere besides the grey, concrete streets of Callowhill. But hey, we’ve all been there, right?

So when I woke up this morning and saw an awesome aerial photo of the Reading Viaduct — slated to make up a chunk of the planned Rail Park, a three-mile linear park currently in the fundraising phase — I began daydreaming, for myself and for this fellow runner, about green, red-light-free (weeds-free!) city runs along a transformed elevated rail line. Read more »

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