What to Eat (and What to Avoid) Before and After the Broad Street Run 

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

After months and months of grueling training for the Broad Street Run, ruining race day by eating foods that set you up for physical discomfort would be the absolute worst, right? So, to make sure you don’t do that, we chatted with registered dietitian Angie Asche of Eleat Sports Nutrition to get the scoop on what your plate should look like before Broad Street — including the night before the race and race-day morning — along with what types of foods to avoid. Because, real talk: The last way you want to spend race day is holed up in a porta potty.
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Why This Longtime Pharmacist Made the Jump to the Juice Business

Doc Bakers Farmulations juice | Photo via Instagram

Doc Bakers Farmulations juice | Photo via Instagram

One of Doc Bakers Farmulations’ popular juices around this time of year is the pollenSHIELD, made with organic mango, orange, blueberry, cherry and raspberry. Why is it called the pollenSHIELD, you ask? Well, as Angelo Greco, owner and juicer at the Doylestown juice and plant-based food spot, explains, all of these fruits help to lower histamine levels in the body. “If you’re exposed to something that gives you a histamine response, there’s a threshold where you’ll begin to sneeze and so on,” he says. So, the idea is, ingesting these foods that lower your histamine levels lowers the chances of you reaching that threshold when you step outside your door and are confronted with a pollen-filled breeze.

And good news for everyone who is rubbing their eyes as we speak: The shop, which has been open since 2013, recently began delivering their concoctions to Philly. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get the Benefits of a Long Workout in Just 1 Minute — Really! 

Say goodbye to long workouts: A new study, published in PLOS One, found that men who completed a workout that consisted of just one minute of all-out exercise (10 minutes of movement total) three times a week saw the same results as those who completed 45 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week. Best. News. Ever. [New York Times] Read more »

14 New Philly Fitness Studios to Know About Now

Rittenhouse's new RippedPHL | Photo via Facebook

Rittenhouse’s new RippedPHL | Photo via Facebook

Man, it is a busy time to be writing about fitness in Philly. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s a great problem to have! There is SO much going on in the Philly fitness world right now, including lots — we’re talkin’ double-digits-lots — of new fitness studios popping up around town.

To get you all caught up on the fitness openings around the city (because it really is tough to keep up), we’ve rounded up a slew of new fitness and yoga studios — some of which recently opened and some that are opening in the coming weeks and months — to have on your radar. Read up, then clear your schedule: You’ve got lots of new workouts to try! Read more »

Focus Fitness Main Line Expands, Adds Space to Help Parents Stay Sane

Focus Fitness Main Line | Photo via Facebook

Focus Fitness Main Line | Photo via Facebook

Good news for Main Line parents who love to get their sweat on: The folks over at Bryn Mawr’s Focus Fitness Main Line just completed a 2,000-square-foot expansion, nearly doubling their size to a whopping 5,500 square feet. And here’s where your squealing comes in: The expansion made room for the fitness studio’s new Studio K childcare space — what they call a “clubhouse for kids” — where parents can drop off children from the ages of three months to eight years to hang and play with a childcare pro while they get their workout on. I.e. A space that will make maintaining your sanity just a little bit easier. Awesome, right? Read more »

PHOTOS: Last Night’s Be Well Philly Underground Sweat and Salads Event

Photo by Susan Nam

Photo by Susan Nam

Let’s be honest: Awesome Monday nights — like, truly awesome Monday nights — are pretty rare, at least for me. Monday nights in my world are usually reserved for catching up on The Real Housewives. (I am not ashamed, though I probably should be.) But last night was a truly awesome Monday night. Last night, we teamed up with our friends from Rittenhouse’s CorePower Yoga and Sweetgreen for our Be Well Philly Underground Sweat and Salads event, a hot yoga class followed by — wait for it — free Sweetgreen salads for all. See? Awesome. Read more »

Snap Kitchen’s Newest Philly-Area Location Opens This Weekend 

Snap Kitchen's Strawberry Chocolate Pistachio Parfait | Photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen’s Strawberry Chocolate Pistachio Parfait | Photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

At this point, Snap Kitchen has been in Philly for about three months, opening four locations so far: one in Old City, one right down the street from Whole Foods Callowhill, one in Rittenhouse and one in Malvern. And considering a Snap Kitchen juice bottle seems to be the new trendy accessory of choice for healthy eaters around Philly, I think it’s safe to say the Austin, Texas-based company has won us over. So good news for all the Snap Kitchen fans out there: Come this weekend, you’ll have one more location to get your Snap Kitchen fix. On Saturday, April 30th, Snap Kitchen is opening its fifth Philly-area location, this one at 775 Lancaster Avenue in Villanova. Read more »

The Checkup: Does It Really Matter If Protein Powder Is Expired?

• After a disgusting experience with expired milk at the age of nine that’s stuck with me ever since, I am a crazy person when it comes to expiration dates. But according to a professor of food science at Penn State, you don’t have to be too afraid of expired protein powder spoiling, though it does lose some of its power. [Men’s Health] Read more »

Yes! SoulCycle to Open Center City Location This Fall — Here’s Where

Photo courtesy SoulCycle

Photo courtesy SoulCycle

We knew that SoulCycle, the cult-followed cycling studio with outposts all over the country, was coming to the Philly area by way of Ardmore (they’re slated to open their first Philly-area location at Suburban Square in late May), and we had an idea they might be making their way to Center City, too. When we talked with Gabby Etrog Cohen, SoulCycle’s VP of public relations and brand strategy, back in January, she said, “don’t be surprised if there’s a second location to come.” And, well, Center City, what with all the pent-up office workers looking for a post-work sweat session, just makes sense. And it seems SoulCycle agrees: We just got news from Cohen that the second Philly-area SoulCycle location is slated to open at 113 South 16th Street in Center City, currently home to furniture store Usona. Go ahead, let out a little squeal. Read more »

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