The Checkup: The 5-Minute Breakfast to Master If You Always Skip Breakfast

• There’s something very intimidating about the thought of preparing a poached egg at home, but in reality, it’s a really simple dish to make. And if your excuse for never eating a healthy breakfast — only to get hangry at 10 a.m. — is that you don’t have the time, it’s also one of the faster ways to prepare eggs. So here, how to master the art of making a poached egg (hint: a little vinegar is key). Add some toast and avocado to the mix, and you’ve got an easy breakfast in no-time. [Bon Appétit]

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The Checkup: 5 Fast-Food Breakfasts You Won’t Regret Eating

• Confession: In 2012, my New Year’s resolution was this: Stop eating McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches (REALLY!). Because I freakin’ love McDonald’s egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches — but you can feel your intestines begging the question “Whyyy?” as you ingest one. Here, though, five fast-food breakfasts that you won’t immediately regret eating, as chosen by nutritionists. Because sometimes, you find yourself in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts with seven minutes to get to work and growling stomach. [Prevention]

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Kevin Hart Dares to Say the Gross Thought We All Have Before a Run

Photo credit: Jeff Minton for Runner’s World

If there’s one thing that can stress out even the most endorphin-high runner, it’s pooping: whether they can go before they run; if the answer, no matter how hard they try, is no, then where they will go on their run (after all, no one wants to be the jogger who won’t stop pooping in their neighbor’s yard); and, if they’re donning a race bib that day, how much stopping will affect their race time.

The struggle is real. And Philly’s own Kevin Hart, who’s on the November cover of Runner’s World, confirms that fact.

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5 Foods a Health and Fitness Editor Has in the Fridge at All Times

After years of writing about health and wellness for a living, I have both read and received first-hand a ton of advice on what I should be stocking my fridge with. Some of that advice I’ve stuck to (see: the giant bag of hemp seeds in my fridge) and some I’ve shed (see: watermelon butter). Below, five fridge-stocking suggestions that have stood the test of time, that I now always have on-hand to throw together a quick and easy meal.

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The Checkup: Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

• My commitment to my morning routine is often overruled by my commitment to “just one more minute of sleep, PLEASE.”  But one thing I never, ever skip is making my bed. It just makes me feel better about the rest of the day, like it’s 6:47 a.m. and I’ve already accomplished something. (Albeit a very small something.) And turns out, that might have something to do with it being a domino action, an action that triggers — in this case — further positive actions throughout the day. [Greatist]

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Google Maps Kills Short-Lived Cupcake Calorie Counter

For a very short time in our lives, Google Maps would tell you how many “mini cupcakes” your walk from point A to point B burned. If reading that sentence makes you cringe a bit, you are not alone: The calorie-counting iOS feature, which rolled out to some users last week, was not well-received. And as of last night, according to TechCrunch, it’s been killed.

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Meet Darwin, This Week’s Adoptable Running Puppy

Photo courtesy the Monster Milers

This week’s adoptable running dog is still a pup, so he’s currently limited to short and sweet jaunts, but the Monster Milers think he shows promise to be a great running buddy as he grows. Learn more about him below. But first, can we all take a moment to gasp at the cuteness of those ears? Okay, read on.

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