What to Eat This Week: Warming Winter Soups

what to eat soup
If you plan on leaving your house this weekend, you deserve like 1,623,928 gold stars. The highs are in the low 20s — the highs! — and the lows are too scary to talk about. So, I figured there would be a strong demand for soup this week: Here, five soup recipes, from Spicy Thai Curry Noodle to Skinny Creamy Chicken Noodle, to warm your insides over the next few days. Read more »

Your Weekend Workout Playlist: The Grammy Awards Cheat Sheet

The Grammy Awards are on Monday, and if you can’t name a single nominee, not to fear! We’re here to help you seem totally in the know come the Grammys screening party you really only agreed to go to for the guac.

Below, this week’s massive workout playlist, filled with over two hours worth of Grammy-nominated songs and artists. Of course, we couldn’t fit everyone who was nominated, but we squeezed in the songs we thought would go well with your sweat sessions. And pssst: Taylor Swift got a few Grammy nods but she gets no love on this playlist because her music isn’t on Spotify. (Sorry, Tay.) Read more »

Meet Sweetie, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Photo credit: Jill B.

Photo credit: Jill B.

This week’s adoptable running dog, Sweetie, comes by way of PAWS — and yes, she’s just as sweet as her name suggests. Plus, she’s a great runner, who seems happy no matter how fast or slow you pound the pavement. Learn more about her (and see her in many-a cute dog vest) below.
Read more »

10 Healthy and Delicious Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes to Make This Weekend

breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed is one of those things that always happens on TV but rarely happens in real life. (And no, being too hungover to move your Doritos-eating somewhere besides your bed does not count.) So this weekend, we say sneak out of bed nice and early, whip up a feast in the kitchen, throw it on a tray and surprise your boo with some breakfast in bed like a character straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Below, 10 healthy breakfast-in-bed recipes for you to choose from, from breakfast tacos to healthier pumpkin spice waffles to good ol’ avocado toast. And don’t forget the mimosas! Read more »

Healthy Fast Food: Bryn & Dane’s Opening Three New Locations Around Philly

Bryn & Danes

Rendering of new Bryn & Dane’s in Bryn Mawr Village. (Yep, that’s a La Colombe next door)

Healthy fast food seems to be very popular right now, and we couldn’t be happier: There’s HipCityVeg, opening a fourth Philly location this spring, then Snap Kitchen, which just opened its first two Philly locations last week, and now Horsham-based Bryn & Dane’s — a fast food spot that prides itself on healthy, lower-calorie options — is opening three new locations around Philly, all set to open by by early 2017. Read more »

4 Healthy Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Go Vertical rock climbing gym | Photo via Facebook

Go Vertical rock climbing gym | Photo via Facebook

Valentine’s Day is like Christmas for couples, complete with the planning and gift-buying pressure. But it doesn’t have to be so anxiety inducing — it can just be fun. Really. And pretty healthy, too, if you plan your day right. And luckily, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so you aren’t confined to boring dinner dates this time around. But if you, like just about everyone else, are paralyzed by planning stress, we’ve got you covered. Below, four fun and healthy dates you can claim as your own brilliant ideas. (And if all else fails, breakfast in bed always wins. At least in my house.) Read more »

The Philly Runner You Need to Follow on Instagram, Stat

Photo via Instagram | @phillystory

Photo via Instagram | @phillystory

#RunStreakPHL, where folks are running at least a mile every day of February, is going strong, and one Philly runner is keeping track of their runs in the best way possible: With what I’ll call run drawings, made by documenting their runs on their fitness tracker. So far, the person behind @phillystory has spelled out Jawn, Run215, Run Philly, made a truly impressive stick figure running image, and more — all by routing their runs to create these masterpieces. Granted, a few of the words look like they were written by a drunk baby — but still! Read more »

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