The Ultimate Hangover Cheat Sheet

Philly’s fitness and healthy-eating pros share their best advice for warding off a hangover (and squashing one if it does hit).

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: The best way to avoid the throbbing headache and nausea that accompany the morning after an evening spent drinking too many glasses of white wine is simply to not drink too many glasses of white wine — or tequila or whiskey or whatever floats your boat — in the first place (duh.) But we get it: Thanksgiving is a day that tends to push the concept of moderation to the side in favor of a third slice of pie paired with another glass of white wine to drown out irritating questions from distant relatives like, “So, are you ever going to propose to that nice girlfriend of yours?”

Over the years, we have gathered quite the arsenal of hangover advice — from what to eat before you reach for a cocktail to what to reach for when the only thought running through your head is “Never drinking again. EVER.” — from Philly’s healthy-eating pros, fitness pros and bartenders. And we figured there was no better time to put it all in one place for you than the day before Thanksgiving.

Below, how Philly’s healthy-eating and fitness pros ward off hangovers and squash them when they do hit (it happens to the best of us). Consider it your hangover cheat sheet. We hope you have no need to refer to it Friday morning, but we say go ahead and bookmark it, just in case.

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