10 Hilarious Spectator Signs From the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon

The ultimate motivation: "Be the runner your dog thinks you are."

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Marathon

Happy Monday, y’all! There’s no doubt: Some of us are a bit more tired (and sore) than others today. In case you were too busy having a belated Downton Abbey marathon in bed this weekend (just me?) to notice the hordes of humans taking the city by foot, running 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles in the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon this weekend, that happened. And we say those folks deserve a GIANT round of applause.

Okay, done clapping? Now, it’s time to show some appreciation for everyone who stood on the sidelines cheering runners through feelings of “Holy [insert expletive here], I CAN’T TAKE ONE MORE STEP” until they made it across the finish line. Below, 10 hilarious spectator signs — from Parks and Recreation quotes to inappropriate poop jokes (because no marathon is complete with one or two of those) — that deserve a round of applause, too.


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Prob not TBH #phillymarathon

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I didn’t even poop my pants! Thanks @foxylauralou #philadelphiahalfmarathon

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She ran a half marathon. I cheered a half marathon. We did it!

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At the Philadelphia Marathon supporting Brandon, Angela & Al! Let’s gooooo #philadelphiamarathon

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CONGRATULATIONS to every person who participated in the Philadelphia marathon. I definitely cheered my heart out for each and everyone of you! I was everyone’s biggest cheerleader. I wish I would have counted how many people touched this poster today. I stayed until the very end and saw very last runner make her way down Kelley Drive. I am so very proud of every single one of you for all of your strength, hard work, focus, determination, and grit. I was yelling so many positive words that at one point a runner came by and told me that his church needs a pastor!! LOL #philadelphiamarathon #marathon #marathoners #cheerleader #biggestcheerleader @philly_marathon #phillymarathon #phillyrunners #philadelphiamarathon2017 #runnersofinstagram #touchforpower #ivegotthepower #justrun

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