50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia


Dinner at #1 restaurant, Laurel | Photo by Michael Persico

In a city where the eating is as good as it is in Philly, naming 50 great restaurants is a cinch. Naming the 50 best, and doing it in order? That’s tougher, but it’s what we’ve done here. You may not agree with all of our picks. Hell, you might not agree with any of our picks. But this is our list, and we’re sticking to it. So without any further ado, here they are: the 50 best restaurants in Philadelphia. Bon appetit.

50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

* New to the list.

More 50 Best Restaurants content will be published this week, including Best in the Burbs, the 51st best restaurant, and more.

Written by Art Etchells, Victor Fiorillo, Christine Speer Lejeune, Trey Popp, Ashley Primis, Jason Sheehan, and Alex Tewfik. Originally published in the January 2015 issue of Philadelphia magazine.