Good Day Philadelphia Co-Host Jennaphr Frederick Loves Her Booty

The chatty Good Day Philadelphia co-host tells us about her Gladwyne neighbors, her favorite pair of shoes, and the time she learned to water-ski in her backyard.

My name is … Jen Frederick, although I’m called Jennaphr at work when I’m in trouble. My mom is Welsh, and she tells me it’s a Welsh spelling.

I live in … a constant state of crazy.

If you want to annoy me … tell me how tired I look on TV.

The hardest thing about my job … is that I’m never off the clock. I could be in Target scolding a child when a person comes up to me with an amazing story.

My parents taught me … not to tell on my twin brother. I was a tattletale. The number one rule at the dinner table wasn’t to use the right fork or wipe your mouth; it was no tattling. I never listened.

The farthest I have been from Philly … was Taipei, Taiwan. I lived there for a very sweaty, humidity-filled summer in college while my dad was there trying to sell a nuclear power plant.

The Main Line is … a place to send your kids to school. It’s also a place where you can wear Old Navy sweatpants and so long as you drive a fancy car, no one asks about them.

If you ask me my age … I will lie.

When I was 16 … my parents hated me. I dyed my hair blue, and I informed them that I was not going to college because I could make plenty of money working at a beach bar.

People would be surprised to know that I … speak Spanish fluently, a little Greek, a little Italian, and a little Mandarin Chinese. I can also speak enough Russian to impress the cabdrivers. The other thing is that I am not rich. TV people are not wealthy. Well, maybe Jim Gardner is.

The last concert I saw live … was either Madonna, Britney Spears or the Spice Girls.

My secret food craving is … plantain chips and Bobbi’s jalapeño hummus. My husband buys three tubs at a time at $5.79 each. Do not settle for anything less.

To stay in shape … I go outside. I paddleboard, snowboard, wakeboard, run, ride a bike, chase children. I do push-ups at the playground.

The best movie ever made is … Fargo.

My fondest childhood memory … is learning how to water-ski in my backyard pool. My dad ran around with a rope all the way beyond the fence. The neighbors asked him, “Can you teach my kids?” And he said, “Hell no.”

The neighbors think … I am way too loud. I was told twice last summer to turn my radio down in the backyard.

When I need to just chill out … I fire up the kitchen party. The girlfriends come over, we drink cheap champagne and feed the kids chicken nuggets and maybe carrots, and just let them run around and scream.

The hardest thing about being a transplant … is that I don’t have any family here.

My favorite pair of shoes … is a pair of bright red rain boots. I have fancy shoes, but they hurt too much.

The best part of my body … is my butt. My booty is cute, and you never get to see it. But I love it. It’s small and perfect and fits into children’s clothes.

If I weren’t doing this … I would have a really, really, really boring life.

  • southy

    Kelce is just a gold mine of analytical football quotes, isn’t he?

    • xlGmanlx

      Seriously, i have been impressed every time he shares a quote. I almost feel like the iggles are going to put a gag order on him, he appears to have a future in coaching after he hangs them up.

  • Campos

    I’m expecting a big jump in Watkins´ game this season. It’s not easy to change from LT in college to RG in the NFL (especially without almost having preseason as rookie). He has potential to be a TOP guard .

    • ICDogg

      I think all of the guys have to unlearn a lot of what they already learned when they switch to Mudd’s scheme. Some guys have a lot of trouble with that.

      • xlGmanlx

        Let alone switch positions and have to work on fundamentals for both footwork and position, a lot to take in without an off season.

  • Wilbert M.

    I’m more concerned with Kelce than Watkins. Kelce just seems too light – he gets pushed around way too much.

    • ICDogg

      I’m not concerned at all with Kelce. I think he will be a leader on the Eagles for years to come.

      OTOH Mathis may not be as good as he looked last year now that he’s got Dunlap rather than Peters next to him.

      • xlGmanlx

        That is my concern as a well. Our strength now might be the right side of the line.

    • Adam

      To everyone with concerns that Jason Kelce is too light – remember what Mudd did with Jeff Saturday. He is smaller than a guy like Jamaal Jackson but this is the way Mudd likes his guys. Saturday finished his career playing around 295. Kelce is young and at around 285 with an inch on Saturday. He’s got quickness, athleticism, brains and tenacity.. all things that lead to success in Mudd’s system. He’s going to develop into a great center.

  • Septhinox

    “Last year, he was an extremely raw player”

    Wasn’t his calling card that he was so much ready to play?

    • ICDogg

      Yeah, that’s what some people were saying… but that was before we really understood how different Mudd’s blocking scheme was.

      It’s all water under the bridge… Graham probably will never be as good as JPP either, but both of these guys can be good players for us.

    • xlGmanlx

      Rookies need off season, period. Unilaterally every rookie was hurt by no off season, some more than others.

    • Skeptic_Eagle

      Right…The Eagles used a first round pick to select a 27 year old rookie–extremely raw as a football player–switched his position, during a year without normal offseason activities, and expected him to start game one. For the short term, the wisdom of that move is unarguably poor. This season will give us insight into the long term wisdom of the move; though we already know Watkins’ “long term” will be shorter than most, even under the best circumstances.

  • Fire Marshal Bill

    Darn it, southy…you’re right! You gotta love the beard…have you checked it out?? It’s a grizzly adams special. Love me some Kelce!