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Three People Charged in Center City Gay-Bashing


The District Attorney’s office just sent out the following press release:

The District Attorney’s Office has approved arrest warrants in connection with the assault of a gay couple on the 1600 block of Chancellor Street in Philadelphia on September 11, 2014. The individuals to be charged are 24-year-old Philip Williams, 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan, and 24-year-old Katherine Knott. All three defendants are from Bucks County. Each will be charged with two (2) counts of Aggravated Assault, two (2) counts of Simple Assault, two (2) counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person (REAP), and one (1) count of Criminal Conspiracy. Once charged the defendants will be arrested by police.

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Kathy Griffin to Take Over Joan Rivers’ Spot on E!’s Fashion Police

Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin (via Shutterstock)

Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin (via Shutterstock)

Everyone’s favorite red-headed fag hag Kathy Griffin is in talks to take over the late Joan Rivers’ spot on the popular E! show Fashion Police. According to several reports, Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, has given E! network her graces to continue the half-hour program that takes a no-holds-bar approach to critiquing Hollywood’s fashion choices (or, as Joan would have put it, the “fash-holes”).

Although the program will never be quite the same without Joan’s amazingly abrasive humor, we are quite excited about what Kathy will bring to the table.

As Joan would have said, “Can we talk?”


SQUEAL: Bette Midler Putting Out a New Album

Billboard has the scoop on Bette Midler’s new album—the first the diva has recorded since 2006.

bette midler its the girlsFor her first studio album in eight years, Bette Midler is revisiting some of the vocalists who shaped her the most—girl groups—on It’s The Girls, due November 4tth via Warner Bros. Records.

The album spans seven decades of famous girl groups, from ‘30s trios The Boswell Sisters and The Andrews Sisters (“Bei Mir Bist Du Schön”) to ‘90s R&B legends TLC (wait til you hear Midler’s cabaret take on “Waterfalls.”)

Evidently, the Divine Miss M is planning to take it on the road, too:

Though she’s teased retirement from the road over the years, a new tour is in the works, too, a spokeswoman for Midler teases.

Fingers crossed she comes near Philly. More from Billboard, including the full track list here.

Police Source: “People Are Going to Get Locked Up” in Center City Gay-Bashing Case

Philadelphia Gay News has released some interesting new details in the gay-bashing that happened on September 11th on 16th and Chancellor streets, most important of which is that arrests are expected this week:

A police source said this week that they were nearly “ready to go” in terms of making arrests and said charges are expected “this week.” A key witness, the source said, was due in for an interview Monday, “the girl who was right in the middle of it all.” After that, the source said, the District Attorney’s Office will review all of the evidence collected in the case and make a decision about charges.

“People are going to get locked up,” the source said.

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Tie-the-Knot Tuesday: Ethelda Makoid and Wendy Sheppard

Ethelda Makoid and Wendy Sheppard

Ethelda Makoid and Wendy Sheppard

Every Tuesday, we are featuring a Philadelphia-area gay or lesbian couple who have walked down the aisle. Today, Wendy Sheppard and Ethelda Makoid, a couple from Ambler, Pennsylvania, one of the couples who married last summer when same-sex marriage became legal for a split-second in Montgomery County.

Names: Ethelda Makoid and Wendy Sheppard

How long have you been together as a couple before you got married?: 10 years

When did you get married?: Officially on May 10, 2014 in Connecticut; unofficially in Montgomery County on August 8, 2013.

Describe the experience of your wedding. Where did you get married? Who was there? What was the most memorable part?: We got married on our 10-year anniversary in Greenwich, Connecticut. One-hundred of our closest family and friends traveled to be with us from 15 states and two countries. Prior to getting married, our son produced an award winning documentary (see clip below) detailing his experience living with two moms. His film won him the Greenfield Youth Film Festival award for best producer and he was nominated for best documentary at the mid-Atlantic division of the Student Emmy’s. The most memorable part of our wedding is the fact that we got nearly a dozen thank-you notes from guests, thanking us for including them in our celebration.

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Man Crush Monday: Chris Pompilii

Every week, Philly gay gents share their local picks for Man Crush Monday. This week: Drexel student Chris Pompilii. 

Last Five Man Crush Mondays:

UPDATE: Police Wrap Up Investigation Into Center City Gay-Bashing


The Inquirer reports that Philadelphia police have wrapped up its investigation into the attack that happened on September 11th on 16th and Chancellor streets. More:

Philadelphia police have finished their investigation of the assault of a gay couple in Center City and submitted an investigative file to the District Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether to press charges, Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said Monday.

“We feel that there is sufficient evidence to have charges placed against some of the individuals there,” Ramsey said.

That decision, however, is up to prosecutors.

He said police were set to meet with prosecutors Monday afternoon to present the investigative file.

I reached out to the DA’s office for comment, but was told the office can’t make further comments unless charges are filed. Stay tuned to G Philly for updates.

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Previously: Rep. Brendan Boyle says his LGBT-centric hate-crime bill could pass on Tuesday



No Arrests Made in Gay-Bashing Case, But Here’s What We Know Now



There haven’t been many substantial updates since last week in the case of the two gay men who were brutally attacked on September 11th at 16th and Chancellor streets. I’ve reached out to the police and the District Attorney’s office, but neither have any new information to share. According to DA spokesperson Tasha Jamerson, there are no new developments, but “given the notoriety of the case, I would expect the police department will hold a press conference to let people know what’s happening.”

Caryn Kunkle, who’s standing in as spokesperson for the 26- and 28-year-old men who were attacked, says the fact no one has been arrested yet is “outrageous.” She tells me that “the boys feel increasingly anxious about leaving their house. Imagine being attacked by 15 strangers in your hometown and not knowing who it is. And they are still free.”

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