The Luxury Disney World Experiences That’ll Make You Feel Like a VIP

For when you want to make it rain.

luxury disney world experiences

Looking for luxury Disney World experiences? Start by buying a home in Golden Oak. Photograph courtesy Disney

Without a doubt, the best way to dole out your dough is to book a Private VIP Tour. You’ll get picked up at your hotel, be shuttled around by a guide, skip the ride lines, and enjoy special seating at parades. Plus, they do all the planning. (Take that, Fastpass suckers!) Starts at $425 an hour. (Note: There are other themed tours that aren’t as expensive, like one that gets you on a ton of rides for $349 per person per day.)

You can now own a home at Disney, on the Four Seasons property. The neighborhood is called Golden Oak, and homes start at $3 million. If you just want to live there for a few hours, Markham’s, the private restaurant built to serve residents in Golden Oak, opens up to the gen pop for a special monthly dinner that costs $349 a person. Meals are themed, cooked by guest chefs (sometimes a few!), and full of surprises.

The nightly fireworks shows are legendary, but seeing them from a chartered pontoon or private yacht makes them next-level. There are pickups from multiple hotels, and you’ll have your choice of show (Epcot or Magic Kingdom). Music is piped into the boat, and snacks and beverages are served. You can also add on and make a whole meal out of it. Prices start at $299, or $399 per hour for the yacht.

The Royal Suite at Four Seasons Orlando has a movie theater, 1,000 square feet of outdoor space and a butler. It’s $15K a night. A little outside your budget? Book the Park View Deluxe Suite for around $4,000 a night. There’s a soaking tub for you and views of the fireworks for the kiddos. You’ll also get access to extra park hours, transportation, and an on-site army of planning experts.

Published as “High-End Disney Experiences” in the September 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.