Arts Shortlist: First Friday and Beyond

Dance, theater, visual arts and Moor Mother takes it to the limit.

Jason Killinger: Rare Squares opens Friday, April 1 at Brewerytown Beats .

Jason Killinger: Rare Squares opens Friday, April 1 at Brewerytown Beats .

14 Hours @ Vox Populi | March 31-April 1
A 14-hour performance by musician/poet/performance artist Moor Mother, aka Camae Ayewa, about domestic violence. Moor Mother (formerly Moor Mother Goddess) is a fascinating, socially conscious artist and a prolific musical performer. Keep checking the above link for livestream info.

Repeater: Lee Arnold, Mark Brosseau, and Meg Lipke @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid | Friday, April 1
A “playful installation” at Philly’s most playfully named gallery, curated by Kelsey Halliday Johnson. Yes, the title is a Fugazi reference. Runs through May 1.

Jayson Musson: The Truth in the Song @ Fleisher/Ollman Gallery | Friday, April 1
Ex-Philadelphian artist and musician Jayson Musson returns to Fleisher/Ollman for a mixed-media solo show of his stretched Coogi sweater “paintings.” Runs through May 28.

Jason Killinger: Rare Squares @ Brewerytown Beats | Friday, April 1
“Recontextualized” posters and prints by socially conscious graphic designer (Design for Good Reasons) and musician (Birds of Maya, Spacin’) Jason Killinger. This is also a great excuse to check out North Philly record shop Brewerytown Beats.

Tim Gough's 'Daily Doodles' opens Friday at Trinity Framing.

Tim Gough’s ‘Daily Doodles’ opens Friday at Trinity Framing.

Spirits & Beasties — An Extravaganza of Monsters @ Indy Hall | Friday, April 1
A large group show of art based on the fabulous monsters described by Christine Neulieb on her Spirits & Beasties site. Artists includes Saul Rosenbaum, Kotaro Fujita, Sam Abrams, Lydia Martin, AJ Beyer, Falynn K and lots more. Check out our slideshow of pieces from this exhibition.

Dewey Saunders and Bohay Gold: Fool’s Gold @ Ritual Ritual | Friday, April 1
Mixed media pieces by Saunders, sculptures by Gold. I highly recommend Saunders’ Instagram. Oh hey, Gold’s ’Grams are looking good too.

Peter and the Starcatcher @ Walnut Street Theater | Runs through May 1
Theater critic David Fox had some mixed feelings about this Peter Pan prequel: “How you feel about Peter and the Starcatcher — the immensely clever, mind-bogglingly energetic show on stage at the Walnut Street Theatre — may depend on two things: your taste for whimsy, and your ability to keep track of complicated details.”

Meredith Rainey Dance @ Harold Prince Theater | April 1-2
Philadelphia-based choreographer Rainey presents (In)Visible, in collaboration with Jorge Cousineau and Tania Isaac. See the video at the bottom of this post.

Shannon Murphy and Jumatatu Poe @ Mascher Space Cooperative | April 1-2
The choreographers present five performances — tunder the title of “Rhythm and Race.” Quoth their mission statement: “Swells of physical endurance, J-Sette movement vocabulary, improvisational practices as performance, autobiographies, and a plastic loin cloth.”

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