Game of Thrones Promo Has Dragon Damage in Dilworth Park

But, we hate to break it to you: No actual dragons landed in Philadelphia. It's run by a MacBook and some charcoal briquettes!

A Game of Thrones promo in Dilworth Park. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

A Game of Thrones promo in Dilworth Park. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

Sorry, Drexel: New dragons have invaded Philadelphia.

Game of Thrones is newly out on Blu-ray and DVD, and HBO is doing a little promotion in Dilworth Park in the hopes that people will buy it. This is even more exciting than the giant cigarette.

A quick stop there today showed it was quite the popular promotion, even if it’s nothing more than just a knocked over prop bench and light — Dilworth Park doesn’t even have those kinds of benches! — and some smoke and scary music. Just think: This kind of display would have been much harder to set up in the old Dilworth Plaza.

Game of Thrones - Awareness Cone - MacBook - charcoal

At least they included an authentic Philadelphia Awareness Cone! (Photo: Dan McQuade)

But we do hate to break it to you: The smoke is being caused by charcoal briquettes, while the scary music is from a MacBook running iTunes! There aren’t any actual dragons at Dilworth Park today.

However: Tonight, there will be a 3-D projection of a dragon taking flight in front of City Hall.

This is actually not the first stop for this Game of Thrones promo; it also hit New York City yesterday. A funny thing happened: The smoking promotion caused the New York Fire Department to show up after someone called in an actual fire.

The New York Post called the promotion a dud and asked (at least in the URL) “Is that a pile of trash or a Game of Thrones promotion?”

It’s not exactly going to be the greatest promotion, but it will at least be as exciting as the time Kanye West showed that Yeezus visualization on the side of Geno’s and then the projector caught fire.

The 3-D dragon projection is at 8:15 tonight.

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