Katt Williams Apparently Jumped Somebody Onstage at the Beanie Sigel Concert Last Night

And here are eight funny/sad tweets about it.


Diminutive comedian Katt Williams has long denied that he’s on hard drugs. It’s possible he really is just fueled by his love to entertain and his desire to be the center of attention — not an uncommon trait in the comedy world. Going after Kevin Hart last week? That’s just how he does it. (Besides, 1. he apologized, and 2. the incident led to Jay Pharoah’s brilliant multi-impression bit on SNL.)

But his behavior onstage at the Liacouras Center during Beanie Sigel‘s set is … well it’s pretty nuts. If all the blurry, handheld video is to be believed, Williams “raps,” he dances, he does push-ups, he gets into a Mortal Kombat stance and he lunges at somebody else on the stage. You could watch the eight-minute version complete with next-morning extras, or you can watch the highlights:


Anyway, here are 8 funny/sad tweets about the incident.