Philly’s Ubiquitous Black-and-White Wheatpaster Takes It Inside

Seven can't-miss recommendations for Philly dance, theater, visual art, etc.

By Joe Boruchow. From the Rally and Retreat show at LMNL Gallery.

By Joe Boruchow. From Rally and Retreat at LMNL Gallery.

Joe Boruchow: Rally and Retreat @ LMNL Gallery | Opens Friday, March 4
Joe Boruchow is known for his stark black-and-white images wheatpasted all over town — on walls, on doors, on mailboxes. With the politically minded “Rally and Retreat,” he expands his repertoire to include “metal cutouts and short films.” Runs through March 31.

I’d rather choke than be a quitter @ 1fiftyone | Opens Friday, March 4
Given its layered, multi-sensory approach — a dance/theater performance featuring live music and visual accompaniment — I’d rather choke than be a quitter is hard to categorize. Hence the description “time-based performance exhibition.” Directed/produced by Fringe veteran Sam Tower. Live score by Shakai Mondai. Art on the walls by Sam Whalen. This should be memorable. Runs through March 8.

Spine @ The Drake | Through March 6
Theater critic David Fox had lots of good things to say about this play, which wraps up its run this weekend: “Spine, like several other works Inis Nua has produced over the years, was first a hit at the Edinburgh festival. I haven’t always felt these works translated easily, but this one absolutely does. Please see the show, beautifully staged by director Claire Moyer at company’s new home at the Drake. And bring a teenager with you. You’ll have a lot to talk about.”

Instant Classic @ Gravy Studio | Friday, March 4
The No-Libs gallery celebrates Polaroids and other instant photography with this cool group show. We posted a few pics from it yesterday. Runs through March 26.

Photo by Kara Khan. From the Instant Classic show at Gravy Studio.

Photo by Kara Khan. From the Instant Classic show at Gravy Studio.

Drunk Lion @ Tattooed Mom’s | Sat.-Thu., March 6-10
Drink and watch a strange, funny play about “an alcoholic lion who spends his days drinking into oblivion in a cantina, until he meets Chris, a young foreigner learning how to speak Spanish.”

Liberty City Radio Theatre @ Society Hill Playhouse | Friday-Saturday, March 4-5
After 55 years, Society Hill Playhouse is shutting its doors. This recreation of old-timey radio storytelling — noir, comedy, etc. — represents the last gasp for a theater that was beloved by many and unabashed in its populist predilections. Regardless of whether you have fond memories of seeing The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron there, you gotta admit it’s sad when a stage goes dark.

Don Quixote @ Academy of Music | Opens Thursday, March 3
The Pennsylvania Ballet tilts at windmills with an ambitious production. Sarah Jordan recently interviewed artistic director Angel Corella, who was charming and candid about his work on the project. The dude rode around Barcelona on a Vespa shopping for matador costumes. That’s just cool. Runs through March 13.

[photo by Alexander Iziliaev]

[photo by Alexander Iziliaev]