WATCH: Boyz II Men Perform “Beauty School Dropout”

The Motown Philly guys were a highlight of Fox's live "Grease" musical.

Boyz II Men provided one of the highlights of Fox’s Sunday night staging of “Grease” as a live musical. Check them out.

Bustle sums up: “Teen Angel may be a small, cameo part, but the scene where he — alas, it’s usually played by a male — serenades Frenchy in the Frosty Palace is iconic, especially in part to the 1978 movie version of Grease. Boyz II Men have the task of convincing “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen to go back to high school in “Beauty School Dropout” since Jepsen is the pink-haired Frenchy in Grease: Live. And something tells me that the smooth vocals of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman (fourth member Michael McCary left the group in 2003 due to health issues) will compel Frenchy to finish out Grease: Live at high school with the rest of her friends.”

She didn’t put their good advice to shame: Frenchy went back to high school.