How Philly Spent the Blizzard Weekend: Watching Game of Thrones

Comcast viewership skyrocketed over the weekend.

Insert your “winter is coming” jokes here. Or maybe just make a Jon Snow pun.

In either case, Comcast confirmed Monday what most of us surely suspected: The weekend blizzard was a superb time to hunker down around a TV and binge-watch favorite shows. In Philadelphia and New Jersey, viewership spiked by 50 percent over the previous weekend.

And yes, they watched Game of Thrones: It was the most-viewed show in Xfinity on Demand’s premium TV category over the weekend.

Other popular shows:

• NBC’s Shades of Blue was the most popular cable/broadcast show.
• Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go was the most watched kids show.
Hotel Transylvania on FX was the biggest free VOD movie.
The Intern was the most popular rental movie.

Meanwhile, some other people actually went outside.