PHOTOS: 10 Great Snow-Filled Philly Fitness Instagrams from the Blizzard

If you have yet to get off your couch (totally acceptable), go ahead and live vicariously through these.

Glad to see you survived the storm, friends! While many of us used the mountains of snow outside of our doors as an excuse to become complete recluses for the weekend (totally acceptable behavior, in my opinion), others — who I can only assume are a little bit crazy — were out doing things like running, getting their snowga (get it?) on, and makeshift snowboarding down the Art Museum steps. Below, 10 of our favorite snow-filled Philly fitness Instagrams from the weekend. If you have yet to leave your couch, you can just live vicariously through these.

#blizzard2016 #jonasblizzard #philadelphia #skiing #rittenhouse

A photo posted by Philadelphian/Kentucky Colonel (@quaker_city_farmer) on

I can’t feel my face #brainfreeze #snowga #PowerOfIntentions

A photo posted by J (@jdivanno) on

Went sledding. Or at least that’s what it felt like going through East Falls this afternoon. #superflyss

A photo posted by Breakaway Bikes & Fitness (@breakawaybikes) on

// how often do you get to #snowga in the city with @fourtheloveofyoga // #snowedin #kaleinit

A photo posted by kate van horn (@she_be_kale_in_it) on

Sliding down the Rocky steps.

A photo posted by Sara Ganim (@saraganim) on

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