WATCH: Former Producer Tells Nicki Minaj Not to Marry Meek Mill

"That's just my personal opinion. Don't marry Meek Mill."

First off, I apologize. This video is more than a little irritating. It shows Noel “Detail” Fisher, a music producer who’s created big hits for folks like Beyoncé (“Drunk in Love”) and Lil Wayne (“How to Love”), coming out of a club and being accosted by TMZ reporters. He’s — allegedly! — intoxicated and does some embarrassing song and dance stuff for the cameras, but there’s once instance in the clip that may be of interest to some of us in Philly.

After Fisher talks about his upcoming holiday album, a reporter asks him if it’s a good idea for Nicki Minaj to marry Philly-bred rapper Meek Mill. “Don’t marry Meek Mill,” he tells the camera. When asked to explain himself, he mumbles “That’s just my personal opinion,” and then repeats, “Don’t marry Meek Mill.”

One can only surmise what his warning means. Maybe he thinks Meek’s not good enough for Nicki? Maybe it’s the other way around? Heck, Fisher could be in love with Nicki – or I guess even Meek for that matter. One just never knows. He better not get his hopes up, though. The couple have never publicly confirmed their engagement, but rumors began swirling again recently when Nicki posted a photo of a fat diamond ring that, according to our marriage experts at our Wedding blog, looks a lot like an engagement ring.

Nicki was just in Philadelphia to testify on Meek’s behalf after he violated a judge’s parole and faced returning to jail. He served five months behind bars in 2014 on a 2009 drug charge.

Check out Fisher’s video below, courtesy of TMZ. Again, he can be a little annoying if you’re not into the whole way-too-happy-drunk kind of thing. So far, neither Meek or Nicki have responded or battle-rapped.

(h/t TMZ)

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