Ryan Adams Spent the Weekend in Doylestown

The singer-songwriter shared three thought-provoking images from Bucks County on his Instagram feed. What could they mean?

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams enjoyed the 60-plus-degree weather in Bucks County this weekend, where he captured some serene images from Doylestown and shared them on Instagram. All the photos are rather vague, not giving much hint as to why he was there, but given their lonesome, introspective theme, one could only assume he was just trying to escape the hustle bustle — and the annoyance of having his divorce with pop star Mandy Moore blasted over the gossip mags again this week. Several outlets are reporting about how she’s pushing for financial support to take care of their menagerie of pets.

His comment on the first photo — which appears to have been taken around sunset on Friday — was a simple “To the new days,” hinting that maybe the yearlong D-I-V-O-R-C-E proceedings may actually be coming to a close soon.

To the new days

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

Fans instantly started chiming in, telling him to visit such-and-such guitar shop or tagging other friends to let them know that “Ryan Adams is flitting around Doylestown.” One person from Philly commented “You may as well just head down into Philadelphia … It’s got a vibe I’m sure you’ll dig on.” The next photo was titled “X.” X?! As in ex-wife Mandy Moore? I’m being a little silly, but it totally fits my theme here, right? The photo itself is two smokey jet paths crossing in the sky. It looks like he’s downtown; there are stop signs and stop lights. Yes, there is a stop light in Doylestown.

X A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

His final photo was a chilly-looking scene of two sneaks hanging on a power line. A fan commented that it was taken at the Doylestown rugby field off Cold Spring Creamery Road. This one’s kind of sad, like the sight of sneakers hanging on the power line always are. One person commented that it’s “a familiar sight around here,” while someone else typed “city of lost soles.” Pun-y, but still.

The last photo was posted on Saturday, so it’s possible Adams is still knocking around town. Head on over if you’re in the mood for some celeb-stalking today. Actually don’t. The guy seems like he’s enjoying his alone time.

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