Summer Fiction Records Peppy Music Video in Abandoned Divine Lorraine

The work is the last shoot there before remodeling begins.

Archbishop Ryan and LaSalle alum Bill Ricchini (aka Summer Fiction) recorded a series of music videos on a windy afternoon in the Divine Lorraine. He’s debuting one of those today, the aptly titled and impossibly charming “Lauren Lorraine.” The video begins with several set-up shots. As the band and crew head into the Divine Lorraine with their gear, you’re treated to some really cool visuals of the abandoned hotel: once-grand entryways, graffiti-stained columns and walls, and old staircase beams. The actual song part takes place in an airy open room on the 10th floor that almost resembles an airplane hangar.

Ricchini says he chose the Divine Lorraine as a location, because “I’ve always been obsessed with that building. It’s infamous in Philly and the religious subtext and history of it are fascinating to me.” Plus, “Lauren Lorraine” references the hotel. “So the idea started there. I thought, wouldn’t this be perfect? And it actually worked out . We were thrilled to get that kind of access.” According to the frontman, this is the last shoot there before remodeling begins.

The song is from Ricchini’s second album under the moniker Summer Fiction, Himalaya. It dropped in June (read our Q&A with him here). Besides “Lauren Lorraine,” Summer Fiction recorded three other songs in the Divine Lorraine, all of which may end up in some kind of compilation video. “They are stand alone but we’re maybe editing them all into a short film,” he says. So mark that as a “maybe” on your holiday list.

Catch Summer Fiction live this weekend when he plays Boot & Saddle on November 21st at 8:30 pm. Tickets and more info on that can be found here.

Photo by Tanya Dakin

Summer Fiction in the Divine Lorraine | Photo by Tanya Dakin

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