Susquehanna Bank Center to Change Its Name … Again

Photo from Google Street View

Photo from Google Street View

If you’ve ordered tickets for an upcoming show at Susquehanna Bank Center, don’t be thrown for a loop when they arrive with the name BB&T Pavilion printed on them. That’s what the Camden waterfront music venue will be called following an official announcement next week. It will be named after the North Carolina-based BB&T Corporation, who purchased current owner, Susquehanna Bancshares, in August for $2.5 billion.

If you’ve been keeping track, this is the third name change for the venue since it opened in 1995. First it was the Blockbuster Sony Music Entertainment Centre (or E-Centre), then, in 2001, it became the Tweeter Center (several years before we knew what tweeting actually was). It was christened Susquehanna Bank Center in 2007.

The Philadelphia Business Journal, who broke the news, say sign changes are currently in progress and should be finished in a couple months. More info here.

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