Here Are the Three Winning Shots From Philly Photo Day

On October 9th, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) hosted their annual Greater Philly Photo Day. The initiative asks anyone to snap a picture on that day and submit it in the attempt to capture what it looked like to be in Philly during that 24-hour period. A rep from PPAC tells me they got 1,500 photos, and they’ve selected three standouts that will be blown up and posted on SEPTA platforms around the city. Here are those winning shots, by photographers Alex Djordjevic, Paul Drzal, and Steven Huang:

The nice thing about Philly Photo Day, however, is that everyone who submits is a winner. You may not have your photo immortalized on SEPTA platforms, but every image will be featured in an exhibition of entries at the PPAC Main Gallery at 1400 North American Street. That kicks off on November 12th with a special reception at 6 pm. For more, check out PPAC’s website here. Or look out for one of the billboards on the SEPTA platforms. Here’s an example of what they’ll look like with text and images and such:

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