Thursday Just Got a Million Times Cuter: Uber Delivering Kittens Tomorrow

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

“I recently completed my PhD program in the biology department of Northwestern University (go ‘cats!). I am now working as a researcher in the ornithology lab, combining my love of prowling for new insights and watching birds.”

That’s Kitty Baxter’s bio, one of the many, many felines that will be traveling via Uber tomorrow for mini-meetings with folks across Philadelphia. The #UberKITTENS will be invading offices with just a touch of a button, and, um, they are kind of cute overload.

Interested Uber users should log on their apps between 11 am and 3 pm tomorrow, and request the “KITTENS” option (they suggest setting a reminder “to request the purrfect time.”). Once the cats arrive, you’ll have 15 minutes to play with them. Uber does strongly suggest that recipients have an enclosed area for the kitties, and that you make sure your co-workers aren’t highly allergic.

Just in case you fall in love with Kitty Baxter or Tabby Katznelson, the best part is, in most cases, the kittens are available for adoption. So far, the Uber initiative has provided over 30 kittens “forever homes.” The price for the 15 minutes is $30, but it goes directly towards participating shelters and animal welfare agencies. Now that’s a good reason to get down with your feline self.