WATCH: Broad City Ladies Trash-Talk Christopher Columbus

"He's the original white douche asshole."

We’ve made it no secret that some of us around the Philly Mag office have pretty strong opinions about Christopher Columbus, the 15th-century explorer for whom this very day is named. In an article our news blog re-posted today, writer Michael Coard sounds off about having a whole day dedicated to Columbus, whom he calls a “racist, rapist, robber and genocidal maniac.” (His reasonings here.)

It seems the duo from Broad City — one-half of which is made up of Philly-born comedian Abbi Jacobson — share his sentiment. In a quick video they released today, Jacobson and her partner in crime Ilana Glazer curse Columbus’s name and dream up all kinds of ways to defile whom they call the “original white douche asshole.” In the clip, Abbi’s at home smoking a bowl (of course!) chatting on the computer with Glazer who’s on her way to work even though she has the day off. “I’m not going to give his ghost the satisfaction of giving me the day off,” says Ilana, who, if you’re familiar with the show, you know would rather do anything than go to work.

That’s when they start going into all the ways they’d torture “Chrissy C,” ideas that start to get a little NSFW as they develop. So you’ve been warned! Check out the clip above.

Heads up: If you’re an Abbi Jacobson fan, the funny lady is scheduled to chat at Philly Mag’s upcoming ThinkFest. More details here.