24 Great Photos From Philly Naked Bike Ride

Where nip slips are par for the course.

Philly Naked Bike Ride

Photo by Mike Toub.

Philadelphia paparazzo HughE Dillon was all set up at the Art Museum on Saturday to snap the 2015 Philly Naked Bike Ride, when word got around that the route had changed. The in-the-buff bikers wouldn’t be passing by the Art Museum, after all, leaving HughE twiddling his lens.

Thankfully his husband, Mike Toub, was walking around Center City when the horde came buzzing around Rittenhouse. So, like a good hubby, he pulled out his camera to get some shots, later heading to the Gayborhood to snap a few more.

All your usual suspects attended this year’s Naked Bike Ride—ladies with sparkly pasties on their nips, guys with socks on their you-know-whats, the body-painters, and the cheaters who were completely clothed, just riding along on their Indego bikes enjoying the show.

Now, it’s time for all of us to be innocent spectators. Check out Mike’s photos in the slideshow below.