Meek Mill May Be Engaged to Nicki Minaj

An E! News report says the duo is engaged and that "Nicki and Meek are in this 100." Minaj recently posted a ring to her Instagram.

Meek Mill has made it all the way from South Philly to marrying one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the world.

After teases from both Meek and his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj posted a ring (above) on her Instagram late last night. Multiple reports say the duo are engaged.

“Both Meek and Nicki have been spending amazing quality time together lately and have gotten extremely close these past few months,” a source told E! News. “It may seem like it all is happening very quickly but Nicki and Meek are in this 100. They truly love each other.”

The couple hasn’t confirmed the engagement.

Minaj and Meek Mill are touring with each other right now and constantly flirting over Instagram.

Rumors of the duo dating first surfaced in February, when Minaj posted a photo to her Instagram of her and Meek. A jeweler told E! News the engagement ring would have been purchased for about $500,000.