Listen Up Philip Star Fluffy the Cat Needs Your Help

Her owner, Bryn Mawr director Alex Ross Perry, makes a plea with the help of Jason Schwartzman and Elisabeth Moss.

While it’s true many of Bryn Mawr native Alex Ross Perry’s films have been difficult to see outside the festival circuit, that’s been through no fault of his own: the Listen Up Philip and The Color Wheel director’s features have been ripping good times, even under extremely limited release.

Especially true for Philip, which played to rave reviews at last year’s Sundance and Toronto festivals (and also, more recently, at the Philly Film Fest). The droll comedy stars Jason Schwartzman as the titular character, a young novelist with an enormous amount of ennui about nearly everything—including his girlfriend, Ashley (Elisabeth Moss) and his forthcoming second book—who takes the opportunity to crash at the wilderness retreat summer home of famous author Ike Zimmerman (Jonathan Pryce), with decidedly mixed results. Fans of the film may recall the big, gorgeous tuxedo cat, Gadzookey, with whom Philip shares a memorable breakup scene. It turns out Gadzookey is, in fact, Perry’s own beloved cat, Fluffy, of whom much fawning praise has already been written. In September of last year, however, Fluffy took seriously ill with a nasal tumor and required fantastically expensive medical treatment. Perry writes that the process has been a success to this point, putting Fluffy in remission, but he is financially tapped out, and can’t make the rest of the payments without assistance. To this end, he has launched a gofundme campaign—complete with a video endorsement from Jason Schwartzman and Elisabeth Moss—in order to cover the rest of the cost—

I’m a sucker for such situations, anyway, but as a Philly native and a very talented artist, you could do a hell of a lot worse than helping the poor guy take care of his furry muse. If your normally stone-cold heart is warmed at the prospect of helping Perry and Fluffy out, you can go ahead to the donation page and take care of business.