Independence Seaport Museum Launches New After-Hours Adult Series—With Drinks!

ISM_Think_Drink_Flyer_R1Been curious about visiting the Independence Seaport Museum, but don’t really want to have to spend your day dodging toddlers while taking in all that awesome maritime history? And, hey, wouldn’t it be fun to take in said history with a little buzz? We have a solution.

This week, the Museum is kicking off a new after-hours series aimed at young professionals 21 and over called Think & Drink. At the first party, Shipwrecked at Sea, guests can sip spirits while learning about various shipwrecks and vessels. There will be music, activities, light food, spirits, and behind-the-scene access to the exhibit “Disasters on the Delaware,” which features various shipwrecks, fires, and collisions that took place on the Delaware River.

Think & Drink, presented by The Young Friends of the Seaport Museum, will happen four times a year, with each event having its own nautical theme.

The inaugural event is tonight, Wednesday, February 18th, from 7pm to 9pm. Tickets can be purchased here.