Kyle MacLachlan and His Damn Fine Coffee Will Return to Twin Peaks

David Lynch has remained rather mum about the return of Twin Peaks on Showtime, but, in true fashion, he lets out a few secrets here and there. The latest was a tweet announcing the return of Kyle MacLachlan to the cast.

The actor, who has since appeared in everything from Sex and the City to Desperate Housewives, will reprise the role of the coffee-loving, cherry-pie gobbling Dale Cooper.

The official announcement was made at a U.S. Television Critics Association meeting, when MacLachlan walked out on stage with a mug in his hand during a presentation by Showtime’s president. He didn’t say much, just “I think you need a damn good cup of coffee.”

The series goes into production soon, and nine episodes are slated to air on Showtime in 2016.

(h/t Flavorwire)