Indie Band Cosby Sweater Changes Its Name Following Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations

turbo suit cosby sweater band

The Indianapolis three-piece formerly known as Cosby Sweater has decided to change its name following the sexual assault allegations that have come out against Bill Cosby. What did they go with? The more amped-up sounding Turbo Suit.

Here’s the press release they sent out earlier this month about the name change:

The time comes for every artist to face the daunting challenge of selecting a moniker that represents their sound, their brand and their persona. In 2012, Indianapolis funktronica trio settled on Cosby Sweater, a pop culture reference to the flamboyant knit sweaters doned by an ‘80s sitcom star, which were later coveted by artists like Notorious B.I.G. as collectors items and referenced in cult-classic films like “High Fidelity.”

Cosby Sweater (the band) has been establishing themselves in the music scene — touring the US, performing at a plethora of top national festivals, and releasing four albums — all during their short tenure. Their fans embraced the vision behind the name and often show up in their best Cosby sweaters. Like the sweaters themselves, the name conjured a warm and familiar feeling.

Recently the word “Cosby” has developed a negative connotation in the news, and the elephant in the room has become too big to ignore. That once comfortable feeling associated with the band name is now surrounded with a preconceived thought that doesn’t reflect what the band represents.

Starting in January 2015, the band will effectively be known as “Turbo Suit.” What is Turbo Suit? A Turbo Suit is the suit that exemplifies how “You Do You” the best. It is the band morphing out of Cosby Sweater and into something that is fresh, fast, and stylish. Musically, the band has brought it to the next level with their new material. So, it only makes sense to “suit up” in a new vessel that showcases the band’s evolution from Cosby Sweater to Turbo Suit.

Fittingly enough, Turbo Suit is playing in Philadelphia this week, on Thursday at North Star Bar, to promote their latest album, Out Here. More info, including ticket links here.