Rob McElhenney to Make Directorial Debut With Kids Film Figment


Photo: Shutterstock

Sunny skies are not about to turn gray for co–star and co-creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney. The Philly native will make his directorial debut with a kids adventure film called Figment.

Legendary Pictures has recently closed a seven-figure deal with McElenny to write, direct and produce Figment, an action film about an imaginative boy and his family. The family’s adventure will be enhanced by Legendary’s signature large-scale template and McElenny’s Always Sunny charm. Figment is expected to revisit heartwarming motifs analogous to that of the 1980s classics ET and The Goonies. Sounds like a long-overdue genre that hasn’t been tackled since Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.

Reports say that it took McElhenney 20 minutes to pitch Figment before it won over Legendary producers. His pitch, along with a four-minute reel, gave producers a sneak peek into the life of an adventurous boy whose family gets thrown for a loop when their biggest fears spring to life. Imaginative and nostalgic, McElhenney has all the ingredients he needs to turn the figments of his imagination into a cinematic masterpiece.