David Lynch’s Twin Peaks To Make Triumphant Return in 2016

Yes, you read that correctly: David Lynch and Mark Frost’s hit television series, Twin Peaks, will return for a 9-episode run in 2016. The miniseries will air on Showtime, 25 years after it’s original run on ABC.

Deadline reports that the series will be set in present day and speculates that some of Lynch and Frost’s favorite actors will return. Lynch, a former Philadelphian and PAFA graduate, will direct the miniseries, while he and Frost will write all the episodes.

In the 24 years that have elapsed since the show’s premiere in 1990, the mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder has gained a next-generation cult following. Rumors of the show’s return began in August when Lynch posted a cryptic tweet announcing his search for the actor who played Big Ed Hurley on Twin Peaks.

Frost and Lynch fueled the rumors Friday when they sent out messages quoting one of the show’s catchphrases:

This morning the creators sent out identical messages confirming the new project:

Lynch’s alma mater, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, is currently housing “David Lynch: A Unified Field,” an exhibit containing about 90 of the artist’s paintings and drawings from 1965 to the present. The exhibit also features a few of Lynch’s early short films, shot in Philadelphia. The exhibit runs through January 11th, 2015.