Conrad Benner Philly Subway Photo to be Featured in Upcoming Rihanna Video

Chronicler of Philly street art—and our Best of Philly pick for Best Curator—Conrad Benner just sold one of his Philly subway photos (pictured, above) to Rihanna to be used in an upcoming concert video for “Man Down.” He broke the news on Facebook:

Welp, I just licensed Rihanna (or more like Rihanna’s concert coordinators) to use one of my abandoned Philly subway photos in her concert video!

Rihanna will be dancing in front of one of my photos during ‘Man Down’… So surreal.

He tells me the image will be included in a video that will be played behind Rihanna during her concerts. I also asked him how much she offered to pay, but he wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag. “Some things a boy’s gotta keep to himself, I think.”