Joan Rivers As a Cartoon? Yes, Please!

She’s faster than a Tory Burch sample sale! More powerful than an injection of Botox! Able to leap long red carpets in a single bound! It’s Joan Rivers as Fashionista, New York’s secret style superhero, and, yes, she’s out to get everyone who’d be arrested on an episode of Fashion Police.

Just when you think Joan Rivers, the smart, sassy, and brass comedienne and entrepreneur extraordinaire has done it all, add “cartoon character” to her resume. The new web cartoon, titled Fashionista and Glamour Girl, features the talents of Christina Milian, French Stewart, Seth Rudetsky, Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers, Michael Urie, Susie Essman (as Diane Von Furstenberger…), Lisa Rinna, and, of course, Joan herself.

Fashionista’s magical powers are derived from her birth: she’s the love child of Coco Chanel and one of the Brooks Brothers—she’s not quite sure which one. During the day, our superhero is a lowly seamstress at the famous New York department store Laird and Tyler, but at night, she fights the wicked villain Camile Toe and uncovers extremely important mysteries, like who is behind injecting calories into supermodels’ celery sticks and menthol cigarettes.

I’ve got a sneak peak of the cartoon series below. To be the first to watch a full episode, sign up for the cartoon’s mailing list. Also, you can like the cartoon on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

And whatever you do, don’t you dare think about watching the series after Labor Day while wearing white!