Interview: Bensalem Singer-Songwriter Christina Perri

Bensalem-bred singer-songwriter Christina Perri comes back home this weekend to perform songs from her new album, Head Or Heartat the Electric Factory. Ticket gabbed with the “Human” songstress about everything from growing up in the Philly burbs, her 70 (!) tattoos, and how she can’t wait to get home to see her “big ass South Philly Italian family.”

Ticket: I  have to start off by asking about your tattoos. How many do you have? Any favorites?
Christina Perri: Oh, wow. That’s a good question. I would say about 70. It’s getting up there. As far as my favorite, I would say it would it would have to be the one on my neck that says “Ti Amo,” which means in “I Love You” in Italian.

GP: You also have the phrase “Bitten” on your right wrist, which is inspired by the Twilight books. Being that your song “A Thousand Years” was a big hit from Breaking Dawn, that must hold a special place for you as well.
CP: Oh, yes, big time. I was a huge Twi-hard. I read all of the books. I still can’t believe they asked me to write a song for the movie. You never know if you’re song is going to be chosen, and it was. It’ s still my best selling single and one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be a part of so far.

GP: Before “A Thousand Years” exploded, your “Jar Of Hearts” got a lot of attention on So You Think You Can Dance. Being that the track was discovered on TV and blew up on YouTube, were you ever afraid you’d fall into that one-hit-wonder-of-social-media category?
CP: Honestly, I really didn’t think about that. I really just go with the flow. People have made a big deal about the fact I have a second record. I really have too much going on to even notice any pressure around me. I know pressure can happen, but me being the creative person I am, I just keep going. I’m ready to go as far as possible with all of my creative energy.

GP: To change the subject a little, you and I have something in common: We both grew up in fabulous Bucks County. I know I have a lot of great memories growing up there, and I’m sure you do, too..
CP: Absolutely. I had the best childhood. I was born and rasied in Bensalem. I went to Archbishop Ryan High School. I worked at the Eddington House. It was so much fun growing up. I remember finding the best places to go sledding in the winter. Hanging out at the Neshaminy Mall. And just playing outside until the streetlights came on, those were the days, man.

GP: So playing in Philly is quite the homecoming …
CP: Yes, for sure. It is certainly my most exciting stop on my tour. And playing at the Electric Factory feels incredible, too. I think I’ve seen every single one of my favortite artists perform there. Even my brother Nick, who plays in the band Silvertide, has played there. It’s home to me, it feels real.

GP: Now, I know you also have family in South Philly. Are they going to come see you perform?
CP: Oh yeah. I actually have 181 family members coming to see my show. I even have some cousins coming that I haven’t met yet. It’s going to be awesome. Funny to think that a large number of people in the audience at the Electric Factory will be my big-ass South Philly Italian family.

GP: Any fun plans while you’re back in town?
CP: I’m definitely going to see my mom and dad, who still live in the burbs. I’m also going to go to Wawa, I can’t wait for that. I want to take my band to Steve’s Steaks on Cottman Avenue. Maybe go to the Art Museum. I like to do all the cheesy stuff. I live in L.A. and all of those things mean so much more to me now. I really can’t wait.

Christina Perri plays Saturday, April 19th at the Electric Factory. For tickets, go here